7 Tips for Heartburn Relief During Sleep

Many of us can’t sleep well at nighttime because of highly annoying heartburn. The acid reflux of our body is the cause of heartburn and many people suffer from this. This problem is very uncomfortable and sufferer can’t have his/ her proper sleep.

There are some main reason for occurring this heartburn and when you have it, your life won’t go smoothly as because if you can’t sleep well, then it will affect your whole lifestyle. That’s because proper sleep is required to keep the body and mind fresh, healthy and workable.

Today, we’ll talk about 7 tips for getting relief from heartburn.

1.Avoid Acidic Foods

The main cause of heartburn is taking acidic foods. Acidic foods trigger out acid reflux and it causes heartburn which doesn’t let you sleep well. Spicy foods, fried or rich junk foods, drinks and sometimes coffee and tea can trigger out heartburn. Alcohol is another substance that interrupts your sleep. So, if you want to get relief from heartburn, avoid these foods and drinks now.

2.Sleep on Left Side & Use a Comfortable Bed

Lying down on your left side helps you to get sleep earlier than lying down on your right side. When you sleep on your left side, it helps to reduce heartburn symptoms. Just remember one simple trick to remember it- “Right is Wrong”.

On the other hand, always try to sleep in a comfortable bed because comfortable bed helps a lot to get your sleep easily. Use a larger bed and good mattress foundation. Additionally, you can get an adjustable bed frame that lets you to change your sleep position easily.

3.Lose Your Weight

Weighty people suffer from the heartburn most than other people. And the heartburn gets worse if you gain weight. So, try to reduce your weight, no matter how much you can. Just reduce it even a little.

4.Look at Your Sleep Position

If you lay flat on the bed, the stomach and the throat of your body remains at the same level basically which makes the acid flow easier from the stomach. As a result, you feel worse heartburn. So, try to keep your head higher (approximately 4-6 inches) than the body while sleeping. You can use adjustable bed frame that lets you to customize the bed easily.

So, you can sleep in the positions that you want. And if you don’t have that, you can follow another easy method. Use the best hybrid mattress and some soft bed pillows. The mattress and pillows will help you much to sleep in the right position.

5.Exercise Regularly

Doing your regular exercise can be a great solution to defeat heartburn. If you exercise regularly, then your body functions will run well which will help you to get relief from heartburn. Additionally, regular exercise helps you to keep your mind fresh and get the sleep early.

6.Wear Loose Clothes

While sleeping, always wear loose-fitting clothes because wearing tight clothes puts pressure on the stomach which leads to heartburn symptoms. So, wear loose clothes during sleep. It will let you relax better.

7.Do Not Take Big Meals Just Before Sleep

When you eat your meal, the digestive system processes the foods and makes energy to run your body. And if you take meal just before going to bed, your body function will be working due to digestion process and as a result, the stomach will flow acid. It’s the best idea to avoid taking meals before 2-3 hours of sleep and go to bed with empty stomach.

;-Note: If you still suffer from the heartburn, then it’s better to call a doctor without delay