8 Great Low Light House Plants

Pearly Dots Plant

8 Great Low Light House Plants

We all know the benefits of having plants and greenery around us. The most significant benefit is the continuous supply of oxygen and purification of the air because the plants absorb the harmful carbon dioxide. The need of plants increases even more in the urban setting, where pollution is becoming a primary concern and the dearth of trees is contributing to many adverse effects on the environment. But, many people hesitate to keep the plants in their home because of the low availability of sunlight, that plays a vital role in the growth and photosynthesis of the plants.

Surprisingly, there are a few plants that can easily survive even in the low light and can be kept in the urban apartments. Here is the list of these plants which don’t require a lot of care, and can be kept in your home.

  1. ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Plant

An ideal plant that can be kept indoors is the ZZ (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) plant. It’s an African native plant, which can dwell perfectly even in the fluorescent light and doesn’t even need direct sunlight. Also, it does not need too much water, and the people who travel frequently can also keep this plant in their home. With upright arching stems and dark green leaves, it is not just a low maintenance plant but also quite a beautiful one.

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  1. Snake Plant

Snake plant

Commonly known as the “Mother In Law’s Tongue” plant, the snake plant or sansevieria is an amazing plant needs medium to low indoor light, needs moderate watering and can easily survive in the free draining soil. Even if it is under water, it can survive and makes your home shine with its beautiful leaves which are a bit thick.

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3. Pearly Dots or Haworthia Margaritifera

Pearly Dots Plant

Being a very close cousin, the Pearly Dots plant looks very beautiful in the home or office. It is a South African native and is known for its immense beauty, and for its hardy succulence which prefers indirect sunlight.

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4. Monstera

Monstera Plant

Monstera, the green leafy plant is known to create a tropical getaway in your home. Also, sometimes known as the “Swiss Cheese” plant,  its bright green and uniquely cut leaves with a bushy shape make it look astoundingly beautiful. One of the biggest reasons that Monstera or  Monstera Deliciosa is that it does not need intensive care or direct sunlight. It can easily dwell in areas where there is indirect sunlight and needs watering only when its soil becomes dry

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5. Jade Plant

Jade plant

Another beautiful plant that can be kept in the homes or offices, is Jade Plant or Crassula Ovata. Its unique appearance and tree-like characteristics make it a perfect addition to your living room or office lobby. The Jade Plant is also preferred by people because many believe that it helps you in growing your wealth. The best part is that it can easily thrive in low light areas and needs moderate watering.

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6.Spider Plant

Spider Plant

With the botanical name of Chlorophytum Comosum, the spider plant has a beautiful spider-like appearance. It is one of the most charismatic and splendid plants that can thrive in lower light areas without any problem. These plants grow rapidly, and often become the center of attraction of the room. These can be placed in any part of the home or office, and they don’t need regular watering.

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7. Heartleaf Philodendron Plant

Heartleaf Philodendron Plant


The Philodendron Hedaraceum is one of the most popular house plants, and with its swiftly growing vine, it looks perfect in the hanging baskets. You can also make it climb a small totem or trellis. Its uniquely patterned leaves, low maintenance requirements and capability to flourish in low light areas make it an ideal plant to be added in your living room, lobby, or bedroom.

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8. Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm Plant

Gleaning immense popularity since the Victorian era, the Parlor Palm or Chamaedoera Elegans is one of the slow going Mexican Native which can easily grow in lower light areas. It can grow up to4 feet tall and thus, can make a bold statement in any room. It does not require frequent watering, but misting the plant once in a while can help it grow faster.

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