9 Things to Give Up If you Want to Achieve Success


Achieving success has never been easy, but, if you constantly work hard towards your goals, you will definitely achieve success one day.

While we are always busy about planning the things we need to do in order to become successful, we sometimes, tend to ignore the ones which we need to give up.

Sometimes, in order to become the person we want to and achieve our objectives, we simply need to give up on some things.

Here are the top 9 things, you must give up and stop doing, if achieving success is your cardinal agenda.

  1. 1.      Give Up Your Unhealthy Lifestyle

The two thinsg which are extremely vital to become successful are healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

You can only achieve success if you are active and fit.  Whether it is physical inactivity, unhealthy eating, or irregular sleeping pattern, give up everything that contributing towards your unhealthy lifestyle.

  1. 2.      Give Up the Unplanned Approach

You need to plan well, and execute the things in the right order.

None of the unplanned people accidently achieved success. To become successful, you need to consistently move in the right direction while following a robust plan of action.

  1. 3.      Give Up Your Excuses

In order to be successful, you need to rise above the excuses and make things happen.

You cannot settle for anything less than success and your objectives. So, stop giving excuses to yourself and start working hard.

  1. 4.      Give Up Believing in Overnight Success

You can never achieve success overnight.

Success is the result of the small steps and improvements you make every day, which get compounded over time and help you achieve the desired results.

  1. 5.      Give Up Multitasking

You cannot always do everything, and achieve success.

Multitasking never works, especially when you are chasing some serious goals in your life. Focus on your cardinal objective, and don’t waste your time on other things which are not as important your goals are.

  1. 6.      Give Up the Negative and Toxic People in Your Life

Let’s admit it, no matter what the negative and toxic people will always pull you back.

Identify the toxic people in your life, and make a distance from them. If you keep listening to these people, you will, end up becoming one of them.

  1. 7.      Give Up Your Desire To Be Admired By Everyone

This is completely natural, and you don’t need to justify yourself for this. But, at the same time, you need to give up your need to be liked.

Progress on the path towards your goals, and you will gradually achieve them. However, if you indulge in doing things to please people around you, you will keep on distancing yourself from success.

  1. 8.      Give Up Making Unrealistic Goals

Unrealistic goals are not only hard to achieve, but, they also instil serious disappointment.

When we set up unachievable goals, and are unable to achieve them, we often feel dissatisfied with our performance, and sometimes give up.

  1. 9.      Give Up Spending Time on Unnecessary Things

Today, most of us spend a lot of time on the unnecessary things like social media, television, internet, smartphones and tablets.

Unless your goals depend on one of these, minimize the time you spend with these gadgets and social networking sites.