Now a wearable gadget can track your ECG

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Quardio, an organization which sells QuardioBase smart scale and Quardio Arm blood pressure monitor, recently announced a new wearable device, called “QardioCore” which is a smart wearable monitor for tracking the ECG/ EKG. While they announced this device in 2015, but, now the device is finally ready and is open for the pre-orders.

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What is ECG?

ECG (ElectroCardioGram) is one of the conventional medical tests which is conducted for assessing the electrical and muscular functions of the heart. For most people, ECG is the line tracing on a monitor or a piece of paper, showcasing the heart’s activity.

An ECG, or EKG (which are both the same things) records the electric impulses which originate from and travel through our heart, and the close assessment of this electrical pulse can give significant insights about the causes of several cardiac ailments including  angina, palpitations and heart attack.

How “QuardioCore” Works?

QuardioCore is a wireless digital electrocardiogram monitor which has been specifically designed for improving the detection and management of the diverse cardiac conditions. The device is comprised of the six subsystem layers, and these layers of the sensor system of QuardioCore record and analyse more than 20 million data points with several other vital heart metrics.

This device is ideal for those who have  increased cardiac health risk due to a history of strokes or heart attacks, family predisposition, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, excess weight and diabetes.

As per the website details of QuardioCore, it is approved by FDA and has been clinically validated for accurately and continuously tracking the complete heart health of the wearer. This device not only records your ECG, but also monitors your body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, stress and activity level.

Indeed an impressive list!!

How QuardioCore is Different?

Unlike the conventional EKG/ECG monitors, the QuardioCore is free from any gels, pads or messy wires, and is capable of withstanding a broad operating temperature range, ranging between -20o Celcius – 60o Celcius.

It is water resistant, portable, discreet, and works ideally with its companion Quardio app, using which you can share your measurements anytime with your family members, trainer and physicians.

Its rechargeable battery is capable of running for around one day when optimally charged before requiring a top-up. The introductory market price of this smart wearable gadget is $449, and will be available from April 2017.