Akshay Kumar’s New Brainchild – A Unique Insurance Scheme for Stuntmen and Women


Known for performing dangerous stunts in the action Bollywood movies, the Akshay Kumar is in the headlines again, but, for a unique insurance scheme which will provide the insurance cover of up to 10 Lakh INR to the stuntmen and stunt women.

A New Insurance Scheme for Stuntmen and Stunt women

A one of its kind, this new insurance scheme is being spearheaded by the Akshay Kumar. Getting his name associated with action is not at all a new thing for him, but getting it associated with action in this way is certainly new.

Akshay Kumar has been a part of several action movies in Bollywood, and he is even a trained Taekwondo professional. In fact, before becoming an actor, he used to teach the martial arts.

Now, he has come up with a unique initiative, which is, an insurance scheme for the stuntmen and stunt women of Bollywood. The stuntmen and stunt women perform many dangerous stunts for the movies, and there’s always a risk of an accident or unpleasant happening. Considering this fact, Akshay Kumar and the noted cardiac surgeon “Dr. Ramakant Panda” have conceptualized an inimitable insurance scheme using which the stuntmen and stunt women can insure themselves, and can claim a compensation of up to 10 Lakh.

Stuntmen and women Perform Several Life-Threatening Stunts

Akshay has always maintained the stance that he is first a stunt artist, and then an actor. He is also a strong believer of the fact that stuntmen work very hard, and take big risks by performing the life threatening stunts.

This insurance scheme is certainly going to motivate the stunt professionals to work more passionately and be tension free about the stunts they will be performing.

Akshay Kumar, in association with Dr. Panda was working for the last four to five months on this insurance scheme, and it is going to insure over 350 stuntmen and women between 18 – 55 years of age.

Ejab Gulab, the Movie Stunt Artist Association’s  general secretary says that Akshay Kumar has somehow managed to make an impossible thing possible. He also mentioned that over the years, they have approached several insurance companies and producers, but, no  one agreed to provide the insurance.

As per this policy, if any stuntman or woman experiences a physical injury or accident while performing the stunts, they will get a cover of up to Rs. 6 Lakhs at about 4000 hospitals in a cashless manner. Also, if they visit a hospital outside of the network, they can still avail the benefits through a system of reimbursement. And, in the event of death,  the provision is to pay Rs. 10 Lakh to the person nominated by the stunt man or woman.