Apps To Avoid Distraction While Working From Home

It is the distractions that make it difficult for most people to work from home. They range from television programs to movies, music, and social media, among others. Journalists and content managers ask themselves: “How can I write my paper when I can’t focus?”, other professionals have the very same problems, we guess.

Innovative apps exist to help you maintain focus on the task ahead. The app will ensure that you remain productive, meet targets, and deliver the best quality work regardless of existing distractions. Here are a few apps and how each helps you avoid distractions. 

  • HazeOver

The temptation to click onto other apps grows when they remain within sight. HazeOver ensures that only the active window remains active. It dims the other screens, giving you a physical as well as a psychological boost in your quest to focus on the current project. 

In case you need to click and activate another window, the highlight on your screen shifts. It means that you will be making a conscious decision to change from one task to the other. The consciousness and the visible changes that occur help you to maintain discipline in your quest to focus on a single task. 

  • Mindful Browsing

Addiction to social media, news, gossip, and such other sites takes away most of your productive time. What if you could have a soldier who stops you on your tracks any time you are about to click onto the common time-wasting platforms? This is what Mindful Browsing does. 

The plugin interrupts your browsing and allows you to make a conscious decision to click onto the site. You will get a beautiful image of an ocean, forest, skyline, and such other reflective ideas with caution about the website you are about to open. The plugin uses the information you have provided about your addiction to particular sites. It means that a conscious decision will inform every website you click. 

  • Hocus Focus

Perhaps one of the best methods to help you focus is tracking the time spent on each site. Once you establish that a particular routine takes twenty or twenty-five minutes, you can endeavor to remain within these limits. Hocus Focus is a time management app to help you focus on a single task. You will set a timer at the beginning of the task. Once time runs out, the timer will hide the pages or apps you are not using. Activating these apps will be a conscious decision. It allows you to maintain focus only on the necessary tasks. 

  • Forest

Forest is an exciting yet punitive app to help you focus on the task ahead. It grows trees whenever you are working on a single job. In case you ditch the assignment, your tree begins to wither. The reward for concentration is a forest that keeps growing. It is rewarding to have a thick forest and a completed task, all at the same time. 

The most crucial element of time management when working from home is to be conscious of distractions. Actively fish out the sites that waste most of your time and blacklist them before they stop you from hitting your targets. There are numerous apps to suit different time management strategies.