Benefits of Buying Storm Advance Dual Seater

The double seat allows two individuals to push comfy and perfect driveway. This double seat is designed for disability people who wishes to travel but unable independently. This ebike enables them. This will be future electric bike in india.


This electric bicycle resembles a single-seater version. The plan is what client notice first should they fulfilled with it that they will purchase it.


This electric bicycle is incorporated with telescopic suspension at front and adjustable suspension at the rear. The suspension is exactly what the very first client inquire about the company. Like ebike maker tunwal solved this issue with double suspension.


The tubeless bicycle increases the comfy and provides better driving experience. It makes traction with street and operate easily. The gorgeous metal wheel provides additional strength and enhances the entire appearance. Front tire has disc brake and back has drum brake.


There are just two battery choice available one is Lead acid that includes one year guarantee and Li-ion includes two years guarantee. The battery requires 6 to 7 hours to fully control and consume of just 1 unit of power and runs around 70 KM.

Is useful in driving. The charging stage in ebike is fresh and useful characteristics of this e-bike. Additionally, it has Special Features

The top e bikes maker tunwal continuously research and develop new valuable technology that reverses equipment and is essential since it’s challenging for disability people to maneuver ebike. There are numerous colours available to select from and also this ebike is ARAI accredited which ensures security too comfy.


The chair was created for a comfortable experience for the two of those riders. This ebike offers armrest and backrest for motorist and also to get a pillion. The dimensions of the chair is big and can accommodate unique sizes comfortably.


The upkeep cost is minimal compared to traditional ones. The riders of ebike saves more money compared to gas powered bikes. There’s not any hassle of standard servicing and oil shifting.

We must utilize natural resource sensibly and help to reduce soil from global warming. One of the rationale is carbon monoxide from gas vehicles. E-bike can help to stop pollution in the air. Tunwal Private Limited help the wash india green India and create products ecofriendly. We must conserve character for next generation so begin using ebike rather than traditional ones.

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Hope you will purchase ebike rather than traditional ones later on.