5 Awesome Android TV Boxes on GearBest

Today, modern technology has revolutionized the whole world into a global village. Many called it an electronic world of all possibilities. Affordable, powerful, and compact, TV Box has bridged multiple roles and transformed the way people consume media in their homes. This, therefore, means that rapid advances in smart TV box technology have completely redefined home entertainment. One of the most popular TV boxes in the world is the Android TV which deals on Gear Best. Android TV box has been designed to stream content directly to individuals’ TV over the internet or from local storage devices. Massive selection of android box and android TV models has enabled individuals to consume maximum versatility of their diverse multimedia needs. Therefore, if someone wants to unlock and enjoy the true power of entertainment, then such a person should shop for the best android box right from Gear Best.

Popcorn Not Included

Android Box TV is just but the best for families and guest relaxation because it allows movie lovers and TV fans to watch their favorite visual entertainment in a live crystal and clear 4k resolution. Android TV Box technology has been designed to cater for all individuals needs. Even the college students living in dorms and love watching games and listening to music find this multimedia compact a cutting edge of entertainment. This TV box is affordable. Android TV Box provides superb collection with all entertainments included to give all their customers’ cinema experiences they cannot easily forget.

Power Unleashed

Android TV Boxes have been designed to entertain consumers. They are very suitable devices for entertainment because they provide a wide range of productivity tasks. One of the outstanding features of this device is that it can be pre-loaded with different OS to provide optimum experience from Android 4.1 to Android 7.0, Windows 10 and Linux for all authentic desktop environments. Android TV Boxes can even be delivered in mini- Pc version thus combining entertainment, productivity, and gaming in one affordable and portable lightweight package.

Capable Of Transforming What Is Possible

First, Android TV Boxes are easy to use but very powerful. They have been designed in such a way that they can easily transform what’s possible in today’s technology. They have been fully customized and able to side load all applications which are compatible with Google.

Examples of Android TV Boxes in GearBest

  1. Xiaomi Mi TV Box

No product gadget can easily work without having a Xiaomi item. Xiaomi Mi TV Box can support up to 4k video playback and voice control via Bluetooth. Android TV 6.0 has a user-friendly interface that an individual can navigate with simplicity. It has a quad-core Cortex-A53 processor which provides more opportunities for those who love entertainment. This TV Box support HDM 2.0 which facilitate faster communication with individuals’ TV. One thing which cannot go unnoticed with this box is Bluetooth voice remote control. if someone wants to search online, then Xiaomi Mi box Bluetooth become very useful.

  1. Beelink GT1 Ultimate

Beelink Android TV box has all right featured for efficient home entertainment with a major highlight being its operating system. It has Amlogic S912 CPU which supports gaming and ensures that there is a smooth performance throughout when the box used. Beelink support dual-band Wi-fi which ensures easy connectivity and super fast transfers. This type of Android TV box comes with H.265 decoder which supports a 3D noise reduction filter thus ensuring users get a high-quality entertainment.


Scishion V88 is a slim and compact box which enables users to watch their favorite media in 4K. H.265 decoding ensures that there is high storage capacity in the box. With Scishion TV Box, individuals can take their home entertainment to a new level because it supports 3D movies. It has 8GB e MMC which ensures that there is a faster transmission. It comes with enough storage system for any media download. Those who love watching can easily launch popular chat apps to talk with friends and family on a big TV screen.

  1. Alfawise A95X R1

Alfawise TV box runs on Android 6.0 which enables individuals to have a great interface at their fingertips. It supports 4K thus one can watch all media qualities on their choice. With H.265, one can save up to 50% of bandwidth while enjoying razor sharp images on the TV screen.

  1. Mini M8S II

This device is smaller therefore very convenient for traveling purposes. it has Amlogic S905X quad-core processor which ensures there is smooth and stable performance. For lovers of games, it has ARM Mali-450 GPU which has great videos and images.

Android TV Boxes on Gear Best has transformed the way people consume media. Android TV Boxes has transformed entertainment by providing almost all types of entertainment want may need. This TV box provides a wider range of products. It has made life easier since individuals can exchange quality videos and music via Bluetooth. There are five different types of Android TV Boxes as discussed above. Each device has its unique feature hence one can buy a TV Box depending on his/her choice and preference.