Best Android Application for Use by College Students

If you are a college student, then 99% of my guess is that you own a smart phone or at least a computer, unless of course you don’t do assignments. That’s just step one. What do you have in these devices? Do you have applications? If so, what applications are these and how useful are they to you?

For a college student, I would assume that you have assignments that you have to do on your computer. It is already a struggle to be a college student. Add to that assignments, some would wish to take the death penalty. Now, these assignments, doing them manually without the help of any third party applications can be stressful. College assignments are a bit hard and require research and critical analysis.

There are many apps that could help ease your college life, but I am only here to recommend one that I think is the most basic and should be in your collection.

So you are given an assignment that requires thirty references. First look at things and it looks easy. However, in-text citation and referencing of all these sources is such a tiring task. Chances are that you may even forget to include some and that is a form of plagiarism for failing to credit work that does not belong to you

Installing the Mendeley application will make life so much easier. This application is a free reference manager as it helps keep track of all your sources. So what are the advantages of having this application in one of your devices? Glad you asked. Well, here is what you get when you download it.

  1. Free

Yes, you heard that right. This application is absolutely free. You just have to download it, with free Wi-Fi too, if you can get it. What more reason do you need to convince you?

  1. Personalized Account

Once you create your account, Mendeley allows you to create your own library with references. This allows the user to keep track of all their references and organize them in a manner they see fit. With the plug-in, it is easier for you to insert in-text citations in your work according to a specific style of your choice. At this point you can forget about formats because Mendeley has your back.

  1. Storage

In addition to managing your references, once you create your own personal library, they are stored in the cloud which means they will be accessible even when offline. It also provides a feature where users can collaborate and share ideas by creating and joining groups. This application just keeps making college life easier with each and every one of its advantages.