Sleeping Tips: 7 Better Sleeping Tips for Your Kids

This is a sensitive fact when it comes about kids sleep. Parents often become frequent concern about how to put the kid sleeping on time. For most of the parents, putting kids to sleep is a hard deal as well as it’s a recurring nightmare too! Kids need much more sleeping time than the adults. Many kids do not get the proper sleep time which creates various problems for the kids.

And for that, parents suffer the most. Every parent wants their kids a good sleep & sweet dream. But due to misguide or mismanagement, kids are unable to complete the required sleep time.

So, we felt we need to share a guideline about how you can make the kids’ sleep better. That’s why we wrote this guideline for you. Here are 7 better sleeping tips for your kids. If you maintain it, hope your kids will get a “better sleep”.

[Note that, your kids need different sleep time based on their ages. Here is the approximately required sleeping time routine for your kids.

  1. 1-4 Weeks: Newborns need around 16-17 hours sleep a day.
  2. 1-4 Months: Babies need sleeping time as newborns.
  3. 1-12 Months: Usually 14-15 hours sleep a day.
  4. 1-3 Years: Toddlers need around 12-14 hours sleep a day.
  5. 3-6 Years: Approximately 11-12 hours sleep a day.
  6. 7-12 Years: Children need almost 10-12 hours sleep a day.
  7. 13-18 Years: Teens need 8-10 hours sleep at the first stage and 6-8 hours sleep is enough in the last stage.]

7 Tips for Kids to Have Better Sleep:

  1. Make Bedtime Routine:

Making a bedtime routine for kids is a great way for their better sleep. Kids grow up as you make them. If you help them to maintain a daily routine, they will be acclimatized with this lovely routine and this will be one of your kid’s best habits. It’s the best to inspire them to maintain the daily routine from a very young age.

You should make a routine for their every daily task such as taking meals, taking bath, playing time, watching TV time, school time, family time, bedtime, weak up time etc. if you do so, your kids will grow up inbound of a routine. And the routine will let them sleep in time as well as weak up in time too.

  1. Ideal Sleeping Environment:

The sleeping environment is one of the most common and effective sleeping factors. If your kids don’t feel comfortable, they won’t get proper sleep. So making a lovely and sleeping friendly environment is too important.

To make a better environment for sleeping, you may do some little works, such as using the best memory foam mattress, making kid’s own private room as their choice and ages, making fresh ventilation system and windows, choosing a lovely bed, decorating the room as kids friendly etc. you kids will love the room as their own little world.

  1. Turn Off Electronic Devices:

Your kids may like to play video games. But don’t let them play too much. Take the electronic devices from them before sleep time and turn them off. Store safely so that they can’t get it again before sleep.

  1. Avoid Caffeine & Meal Just Before Bedtime:

Just after taking a meal, most of the human can’t sleep. So, ensure that your kids don’t take meals just before bedtime. You may feed your kids vegetables before sleeping, but at least 3 hours before bedtime. Vegetables help the digestive system for better digestion, and for that, your kids will get a sound sleep. And one more thing, don’t let them take caffeine before sleep because caffeine reduces sleep.

  1. Ensure Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise is a great way for all ages of people to lead a healthy and fresh life. Kids are not different too. Inspire your kids to have some physical exercise daily. This exercise will help them to remain fresh and healthy. And the most important thing is, regular exercise works as a medicine of sound sleep.

  1. Lookout For Sleeping Disorders:

If you notice any kind of unnatural problems in your kids’ behaviors during sleep, talk to them freely and ask if they have any problems? If yes, then this sleep disorders may cause poor sleep. You should talk to the doctor or therapist about it as soon as possible. Because sleeping disorders often become worse day by day and can be permanent one time. so prevent it as soon as you can.

  1. Offer Bedtime Stories & Kisses:

Offering a bedtime story or kiss before sleep works like a magic on the babies and children. From 3-12 years kids, this method is too helpful and popular. Along with that, this little tip makes the family bond stronger between parents and kids. Kids will sleep slowly and dream a sweet dream based on your story.