Top 7 Reasons Why It Is Important To Study Geography

Top 7 Reasons Why it is Important to Study Geography

You don’t hear many people saying they want to be geographers. That is why the question of why an individual should study geography is a valid one. Geography isn’t one of the highly praised sciences, even though it’s an essential subject. Not many understand that studying geography comes with tangible benefits. 

There is quite a number of career options that geography allows you to access. This is a diverse discipline that allows you to work in sectors like emergency management and business locators. If you have been dismissive of this subject, it’s about time you take every geography assignment seriously. 

Aside from studying geography to understand the planet, the subject also puts you in a better position to understand global politics. A holistic understanding of the planet gives you the knowledge to tackle questions pertaining to global warming, climate change, as well as water resource conservation. 

News anchors who provide year-round coverage of geographical hotspots also have to be knowledgeable. Geographical reporting has to be accurate as it informs people of the level of development in different parts of the world. Read on for a better understanding of the importance of studying geography. 


1.) Become a Well-educated Global Citizen 


Since the world today is a global village, you’re bound to interact with people from different continents. Your interactions can be facilitated by the internet, or you could have one on one interactions. Regardless of the mode of interaction, knowledgeability allows you to strike meaningful conversations. 

Being dismissive of other parts of the world just because you’re from a different part of the planet is not prudent. After all, we’re all on planet earth, and the global changes we experience are more or less the same. 

Studying geography allows you to think critically, as well. You’ll be in a position to independently communicate your thoughts in an articulate manner. Articulation, as you know, is a skill that’s valued in all careers. Geography, as a discipline, ensures you’re a well-rounded candidate for different career opportunities. You could really use this competitive advantage since the job market today has stiff competition. 


2.) Understand the Relationship between Society and Physical Environment 


Geographers can help societies determine which locations are suitable for development. For instance, a fishing society is more likely to thrive next to a lake or ocean. Farmers, on the other hand, are likely to settle in highland areas. 


3.) Have a better understanding of the Planet


When you study geography, you get a comprehensive understanding of the planet’s systems. Remember, the world is rapidly changing, and you need to know how you impact the planet through the activities you take part in. 

Factors like global warming, deforestation, and El Nino have adverse impacts on the planet. Studying geography helps you know what can be done to save the planet. Further than that, you also get to understand global politics. 

You can choose to specialize in political geography to put yourself in a suitable position to comprehend the relationship between continents, countries, and even cities. The world needs more professionals who can help overcome factors that hinder political participation and inclusion. 


4.) Provide Global Coverage on Geographical Hotspots 


As a planet and a race, we need to work together to make the earth a better place. Through geographical studies, experts can provide global coverage on geographical hotspots. Thanks to technology and innovation, news channels can provide instant global communication. 

Such media coverage is what the world needs to take action. Since the world is a global village, we should all work together to solve global problems. Knowledgeability enables enlightenment needed to overcome the strife between different geographical regions.


5.) Expand your Career Options 


Studying geography is an excellent way of expanding career options. Since the job market is so saturated, studying a subject that many people ignore gives you a competitive edge. Not many know this, but many careers require an educational background in geography. 


6.) Understand Physical Systems that affect daily life 


Geography is not called the mother of all sciences for no reason. It was the first disciplined to be studied by humans, and after all these years, it still holds water. This is a fascinating subject that allows you to explore the world and discover new regions. 

It’s through geography that we can understand and predict how physical systems affect our daily lives. This knowledge helps professionals prevent major natural disasters. 


7.) Understand Cultural Characteristics of different Regions


Interacting with people from different regions is easier when you understand their cultural characteristics. This knowledge can be used to establish a more interdependent world. 


Geography is one of the first sciences humans studied. As a student, you should consider studying geography, not because it’s the mother of all sciences, but because it expands your career options. As a global citizen, knowledge allows you to interact with people from different regions.