8 Best Working Torrent Search Engines Website For Torrent Lover


Torrent is a file sharing process that allows you to download files , just like when you browse the Internet . The difference with the direct download mentioned above lies in the rather atypical functioning of this process (called P2P ).

Indeed, for direct download, the computer makes a request to a specific server which then delivers the requested content.

The torrent working process

The torrent as a file (.torrent) contains the information to tell Bittorrent (or other software) or download the requested file.

It is a kind of card for your computer which contains coordinates.

To download a torrent file, you must first find a torrent directory. You will find them very easily by doing a little research on your favorite engine.

Then you download the .torrent file which contains the information about where the original file is located.

You must then launch your download software, you can use Bittorrent for example. And with this software you open the torrent file previously downloaded. From there Bittorent will search for a maximum of seeders and will start to download from all these sources at the same time to reconstruct the original file.

It’s a bit like a gigantic spider web, when you start downloading part of the file you become seeders. That is, you send the file to others who are downloading it.

Best free still working 8 torrent search engines websites

#1. Torrents.me

Torrents.me guarantees a perfect combination of graphics and efficiency. It is a torrent search engine website that uses the databases of all the main Torrent sites in the world to allow the user to find what they want quickly and easily.

Search results are displayed on pages similar to Google’s, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to “navigate” through them. In addition, on the main page of the service there are boxes that contain links to the most popular Torrent sites for each type of content.

General for those who host files of all kinds, music for those who specialize in music, movies and TV for those who are dedicated to movies and television series, etc.

If you only want to limit the results to certain Torrent sites, after searching Torrents.to click on the Settings item in the top bar and remove the unwanted search engines by clicking on the ” x ” next to their names.

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 #2. Torrentz2 

It is one of the most mythical places for torrent search engine, Torrentz.eu, stopped working years ago at the most critical moments for P2P download sites.

His heir adds a “2” to his name and breaks with that maxim that second parts were never good. Since the search engine is exactly the same as the previous one.

That means returns to be reliable and access dozens of other search engines to show results, although their torrents do not last as alive as before.

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#3. TorrentSeeker

TorrentSeeker is one of the best options when we want to download the latest files . This is so since the platform itself promises to keep the system updated and thus offer the most popular downloads of the moment.

It has a very simple interface to use . This makes searching for torrent files quick and easy. It also allows to sort the results according to the importance or the upload date. So we can download the latest files of movies that may interest us.

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#4. Torrents.io

Torrents.io is a website with a minimalist interface and without ads. Here you can search for torrents on a wide range of popular sites and private trackers, such as The Pirate Bay, 1337x, RARBG, among others.

When entering your website you will see a graph with search trends and a list of categories. From here it is possible to add or remove the sites where you want to search. Also, they have proxies to unlock Pirate Bay, RARBG, YTS, 1337x, Torrentz2 and more blocked torrent sites.

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#5. Solid Torrents

Solid Torrents is a privacy-focused search engine with over 20 million embedded torrents. As if that were not enough, every hour hundreds of torrents are discovered and made available for search purposes.

Unlike other sites, Solid Torrents not only allows you to obtain magnet links, but also download torrent files online . To do this, it uses the free service iTorrents.org, which caches online torrent files.

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#6. The pirate bay

This site is the most tried and trusted there is. It has a vast library of all kinds of multimedia, and despite having experienced countless shutdown attempts since its inception in 2003. It is still the first site that comes to anyone’s mind when looking for a torrent site.

Your torrent downloads are generally very reliable and well documented, but they are full of ads, so an ad blocker is a must. All in all, this is the most reliable, comprehensive, and hassle-free torrent site on the Internet.

One of the most useful features is its search box, which automatically carries the torrents with the most seeds at the top of all search results pages. This makes it very easy to find the most reliable, popular torrents and faster download on the site.

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#7. TorrentDownloads.ch

Fortunately, torrent enthusiasts have access to the new best torrent sites to meet their streaming needs. Yes, I read carefully. This is because you can access TorrentDownload.ch and instantly view your favorite video content.

Similarly, in the navigation section you can find your favorite tv show, movies, music, games, cartoons and more. If TorrentDownload.ch is freely available, you don’t have to explore another torrent site.

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#8. Veoble 

This black website is also ranked as one of the strongest torrent search engine sites found on the web. It is rapidly gaining popularity among users.

Thanks to Google’s custom search feature, Veoble offers users torrent and image search options. After triggering a query, the results may decrease based on torrent sites, languages, etc.

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