Best Easy Way to Do Strikethrough in Google Docs

Best Easy Way to Do Strikethrough in Google Docs

Google Docs is the direct competition of Microsoft Word to carry out all the tasks that are related to word processing and although it does not have the same functions and characteristics of Word. Google Docs has gained strength as it is a free alternative and offers the functions necessary to create documents with high levels of design and aesthetics.

Google Docs include some Google Docs cheats. Google Docs is an application from Google that allows document management in a virtual way, that is, online. In this way, different users can manage documents at the same time just by having an Internet connection and without needing extra programs.

Within the different options that we have to manage the text, we have the option of knowing how to cross out words in Google Docs.

One of the tasks that we can perform in Google Docs is the strikethrough of words which allow us to highlight a specific text so that it stands out from the rest.

Here we will explain how you can cross out words in Google Docs. In this way we will be able to personalize a little more our use of writing when crossing out words in Google Docs.

 To make effective use of Google Docs we must go to the following link and access with our Google account:

How to cross out words in Google Docs

 Step 1

The first step is to select the paragraph or set of words to be crossed out in the document:

 Step 2

Once the words are selected, we go to the Format menu and there we click on the Text option and then select Strikeout:

strikethrough google docs
strikethrough google docs

  Step 3

As a result of this we can see that the selected text has now been crossed out in Google Docs:

strikethrough google docs
strikethrough google docs

 It is a very simple process but it helps to make the visual impact of the document. As strikethrough is part of the text editing tasks integrated in Google Docs and with it we have a function to improve the text to introduce users to cross out words in Google Docs.

Use the shortcut key for strikethrough

In Windows, you can press Alt+Shift+5 keys to strikethrough text as. And in Mac, you can press Command+Shift+X keys to strikethrough text.

Before using this shortcut command you have to select the text which you want to Strikethrough. So it is easy to do it with a keyboard.

So if you think that it is not easy for you to strike through the text with help of this article, then you can view online videos. As there are many online videos which help how to use Google doc.

You can also get different shortcut keys which you can find out in the Google doc help


Google doc is one of the best applications which has all functions like Ms Office. You can use this application anywhere and also excess it from your Android device