Bonk Be.Live – All Set to Start a New Revolution in Live Streaming World

The release of Bonk Be.Live application has already created a hassle among some of the big players of live streaming industry. Now, with the release of new features, Bonk Be.Live plans to capitalize on the growing entertainment market over the world through the promotion and production of high-quality streaming entertainment. The users of the app will be responsible for producing the content for the app which will in turn help them to gain worldwide popularity.

About Boink Live Streaming Corporation

Boink Live Streaming Corp. was founded in Delaware, USA. The company established as a multinational corporation with its offices located in Scottsdale, New York, Indonesia, Philippines, and the United Kingdom. The organization has canalized all its energies on a project that look like promising. Yes, we are talking about the Bonk Be.Live app which has all the required features to attract the youth worldwide.

Boink Live Streaming Corp has invited pioneers from the internet fraternity like Joe Abrams (MySpace co-founder), and John Fanning (Napster) to help them unleash BonkLive’s potential. The company has now released the beta version of the application, all thanks to its technical partner Imagically (responsible for development) and the production partner – IDAP Software Development Company (Ukraine).

What’s the future plan?

Boink Live Streaming Corporation plans to promote and develop their product by appealing to the millennial with awesome colorful design and an ultimate gamified user experience. They want to make it a fun to use application with profitability. The executives working with Boink are helping in developing a revolutionary streaming functionality to the level of social network platforms with a profitable engagement model.

Bonk Be.Live – Ultimate Features

The beta-version of Bonk Be.Live app is available on Google PlayStore and on Apple AppStore, and is free to download. You can download and install it on your device and check out its awesome features. Some of its best features include:

  • The users can connect the Bonk Be.Live account to YouTube and Facebook and share their streams, moments, or posts with their friends and can also invite them to try Bonk.
  • The users love to express their personality, share love & hate, and tell people about themselves. Bonk Be.Live provides a personal profile page to them to share their thoughts.
  • The users can see posts, photos, moments, and news from the streamers and their friends on their feeds.
  • BonkLive offers advanced and stylish messenger to the users to enhance their chatting experience with GIFs, audio and video messages, group chats, stickers, and more.
  • Apart from enriching the texting experience, BonkLive helps the users to make audio and video calls.
  • By using the augmented reality attributes, the users can create and add objects with sounds to their stream. It can help them assist their communication with the viewers.
  • BonkLive has also added the in-app mini games to the app interface for entertaining the users. Playing these games also gives them opportunity to earn extra points.
  • The app users can send and receive gifts from other users and also exchange these gifts for national currency.
  • BonkLive will help the users to gain popularity and earn rewards by sharing their special moments, experience, attitude, and other emotions with their followers and viewers.

Monetization with Bonk Be.Live

The transparent and convenient monetization model of BonkLive allows the streamers to convert their gifts into national currency without the involvement of third parties. As these users grow into influencers, they become the most desirable assets for the advertisers. The advertisers use influencers to market their product using them as brand ambassadors. BonkLive has worked hard to create an advertising cabinet that will allow the advertisers to put engaging ads and also work with popular video bloggers.

Over to You

BonkLive is quickly rising into a social platform. The colorful and clear design with an effective monetization system is a win-win scenario for bloggers. Further, it is planning to localize the interface into 10-32 international languages. The mini-games have already been added that will help the users to earn extra points. Overall, the app has so much to offer to both the broadcasters and the advertisers.