These Entertainers Use ConnectPal To Promote Their Work, Setting an Example for Other Artists

If you’re an artist, entrepreneur, musician, or in any number of creative fields, you probably know by now that it’s not enough to just be creative in your work. You’ve also got to be creative about how you promote your work, to bring in new fans, followers, and clients. Promotion is easily half the battle when it comes to being an independent creator, and it can make or break your success as one.

So let’s say you’re an entertainer trying to make a name for yourself. One way to do that is by attracting followers to a blog. The problem is, there are a ton of options for sites to host your blog, and you may not know the first thing about getting started. Just do a quick Google search for “blog hosting,” and prepare to be quickly overwhelmed by your choices.

Thankfully, there are several entertainers out there who have figured out how to easily monetize their content on a blog already, and whose examples you can follow. Of course, you certainly don’t have to use a blogging platform that will reward you financially for your work like they do — but if you can, why wouldn’t you?

One way to make some money while you blog and bring in an audience to appreciate your work as an artist is by using a platform like ConnectPal. Created several years ago, ConnectPal doesn’t just have you post your content to a blog there — it also lets you set a monthly price for subscribers to access your profile content, no matter how much of it you create (although, being consistent and prolific with your blog posts is always a good plan, to up your search traffic and reader interest). The price you set can be very low, to make it accessible to more readers, and you’ll still make some money because every little bit adds up.

Other entertainers already use ConnectPal to promote their work. Former broadcast journalist and bestselling author, Jane Velez-Mitchell, launched unique content on ConnectPal that includes original videos, for instance. Comic Nick Di Paolo also uses ConnectPal to reach and connect with subscribers and fans. And former syndicated radio show host Neal Boortz has recorded podcasts for his fans on the blogging platform.

Those are some pretty diverse voices, and they all use ConnectPal to promote their work. ConnectPal is a smart way for artists and other entertainers to connect with fans, while also guaranteeing that they’ll see a little money for their hard work.

If tv and radio hosts can do it, why not you?