Create A Timeless Bathroom That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Everyone knows that their bathroom is one of the most important rooms in their home. However, it can be all too tempting to go with the latest styles and the result can be a space that rapidly looks outdated. The trick to having a beautiful bathroom that stands the test of time is to ensure you place your emphasis on timeless elegance, so, how do we go about doing that?

Color And Shades

Color is key to a timeless bathroom. If you opt for whatever’s fashionable this month or year, your space will look old-fashioned in a very short space of time. White is often the best choice since it is truly timeless and will always stay looking fresh. White is also a great choice for keeping your bathroom looking clean and attractive, and it also enables you to make smaller changes and combinations with other shades to suit passing trends. Soft and neutral colors like beige, cream and light yellows, blues and greens are all perfect for a soothing and relaxing bathtime ambience. White is the ideal backdrop for adding brighter accent colors that reflect current trends. This will make sure that your timeless bathroom has just enough contemporary appeal to always look up to date.


The next secret to making your bathroom look timeless is to choose suitable materials for tiles and floors. Stone, ceramics and marble are all elegant and lasting choices that add quality and luxury to your space. As an added bonus, they’re also long lasting, simple to maintain and strong and as they help you to control temperatures easily they are perfect for a year round cosy and comfortable space.

Wood is also an excellent classic bathroom choice. Resistant to humidity, wood is great for your vanity, shelving and cabinetry. It also gives your room a cozy ambience and will never go out of style. Why not combine classic white with wood for a whitewashed look that perfectly complements fashionable touches.

Showers and faucets should be made from a stylish metal such as bronze, silver, nickel, brass or chrome. Whether you opt for a shiny or matte finish, you’ll find that by choosing a traditional material, your bathroom will stay looking elegant. Even though you may be opting for a timeless material for your fittings, there’s no need for them to be old fashioned. You can still get powerful and impressive modern showerheads in traditional materials and designs. Visit to find out more.

Bathroom Basics

When choosing a basin, tub, toilet and shower stall, make sure that you don’t opt for shapes and designs that look too modern. While they’ll be great for a few years, they’ll never stand the test of time. Who remembers the avocado colored bathroom suites from the 1970s? Choose traditional shapes and a classic white theme for your fixtures, and whenever possible opt for free-standing items. Free standing tubs are always elegant and will make a wonderful focal point for your room.

When choosing furniture for your space, avoid metal or plastic and opt for wood instead. Plastic will lose its good looks rapidly and will easily break while metal will soon start to corrode and rust.

Choosing A Mirror

Your bathroom mirror is an essential, and although contemporary designs of today are focusing primarily on larger mirrors, when opting for a timeless look, you would be better advised to choose one smaller, rectangular mirror which should be hung over the basin. A simple white wooden frame will finish the mirror perfectly.


While bathroom lighting will always be a matter of personal choice and taste, a timeless bathroom will have some fitted wall sconces featuring white shades and metallic hardware. In a truly classical bathroom, a chandelier would be the ideal final touch, providing light and reflecting it also in gorgeous sparkles around your room. If you add a couple of scented white candles to your bath area, you’ll find your timeless bathroom becomes a perfect oasis where you will want to spend all your time.

Follow these top tips and you’ll avoid the mistakes that come with choosing bathroom fixtures and fittings that are too modern.