Gift Your Spouse A Term Plan to Show How Much You Care

Finding the perfect present for your spouse isn’t always easy. You have gone through countless holidays, birthdaysand more and now you are fresh out of new ideas.But this year, the boring‘jewellery’ routine has to stop.What if we tell you about an expression of love that would remain untouched by time?

Gift of Financial Security to Say ‘You Care’

Remember these words from your wedding vows – “For better or for worse”?We are sure you meant them when you said them, we are not questioning your immense love for your better half. Over the course of your marriage, you willpay for thousands of movie tickets, send hundreds of bouquets of flowers, and give what feels like an endless number of gifts, ensuring you take care of your spouse’shappiness in every possible way. But willyour spouse be able to receive such gifts at times when you won’t be present any longer? No matter how hard this may be to digest, you will have to think of it someday.

What if you could ensure that you take care of your spouse even after you are no more? Well, it’s possible if you secure his/her financial future.

So, on a special occasion like an auspicious festival or your spouse’s birthday, why not gift them a financial protection plan like ‘Term Insurance’? Your spouse will remember this gift in your absence as well.

How Term InsuranceWill Help Your Spouse?

If you are the sole income earning member in your family, it is even morevital for you to purchase a term plan. After all, your loved ones are dependent upon you for the most basic needs, be itshelter, food, education,or just about anything that they want to purchase.

  • A term plan will ensure that you continue to provide financial security to your spouseduring the coverage period that can extend for as long as up to 40 years
  • Even in the case of an unpleasant event, your spouse will not have to dip into your accumulated savings
  • The lump sum benefit received will make sure that not only the regular expenses of your spouse are covered,butkey future expenses like your children’s higher education and their marriage are also covered

Moreover, the death benefit from your term insurance plan can help your spouse provide forexpenses such as:

  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Rent or mortgage
  • Automobile loan, repairs and maintenance etc.

This peace of mind would indeed be a meaningful gift to your beloved, don’t you think?

An Affordable Show of Affection

If you are convinced about this perfect gift for your spouse, the next step is to buy the best online term insurance plan for yourself.Term insurance is far more affordable than most people think. Moreover, you can get the benefit of low premiums when you are healthy and young—so applying when you are “just married” could work in your favour.

While researching your options, just don’t be enticed by low premium plans, look out for other aspects as well. A little saving in premiums is not reason enough to make a compromise on the financial security of your dear one.Further, if you need to make your term plan more comprehensive, consider purchasing riders like critical illness rider or accidental benefit rider.

Finally, research out the track record of insurance companies successfully settling the claims. A company with a reasonableclaim settlement ratioshould be in your pecking order.


Whether you have just tied the knot or about to tie it, we hope you will give securing the financial future of your better-half some thought. A good start would be to find out how much an online term insurance plan might cost you by using aterm insurance calculator