How a Dishwasher Upped My Tinder Game

Housework is never fun, especially for men who are occupied with work, dating and other activities. However, it’s such a shame to bring a woman into your home with tons of dishes waiting to be cleaned on the counter. For girls who like everything cleaned, it’s a mood killer to see filth and dirt in different areas of the house.

Don’t let this dilemma stop you from making a move and even straining your relationship. Purchase a sturdy and functional dishwasher to make cleaning convenient and easy.

These are ways on how a dishwasher can up your dating game:

Have the time to maintain other parts of the house

With a handy dishwasher, you’ll have lots of time to inspect other areas of the house that need to be maintained. May it be the bathroom shower, kitchen floors or windows, you can definitely remove dust, grime and dirt using a damp cloth, vacuum or light chemicals.

Before inviting a girl in, make sure to keep everything odor-free and tidy to avoid red flags. Don’t forget to check the utensils if food debris is truly gone.

Leave a great first impression

Girls perceive foul odor and accumulated dirt in the house as a sign of laziness. Sometimes, their mood can immediately change after using the bathroom or even taking a tour of the bedroom.

If you really like to take the relationship further, don’t hesitate to clean up and show that you care for hygiene and health in general. Keep the kitchen counters free of dishes by stacking these into the dishwasher after every meal.

Remember that germs can multiple into the house if filth isn’t removed properly. Tableware such as plates, mugs and glassware must not stay in the sink for too long. If you perform manual cleaning, streaks of debris can be left behind, leading to food poisoning and diarrhea. To counter this, have a fully integrated dishwasher with programmed hygiene and eco wash feature.

Make cleaning convenient

Some girls like to do chores while at their man’s place. Without a dishwasher, your partner can feel exhausted in putting so much effort into cleaning tableware.

To share more meaningful moments and longer bonding, purchase house equipment meant for fast and convenient cleaning.

For dishwashers, you can choose Fisher & Paykel 60cm Place Setting Freestanding for a 3-stage filtration system. If you’re after fast, effective cleaning with reduced water consumption, go for the Ariston 14 Place Setting Freestanding.

You can also get the Electrolux 60cm ComfortLift Dishwasher if you’re feeling luxurious and wanted to try the AirDry technology.

Learn more about these and other great dishwashers by following the link to Harvey Norman, Australia’s leading kitchen appliance retailer.

Get rid of strong odors and pests

Funky smell and odors are major turn-offs. If piles of dishes are already occupying the sink for days, not only house pests can multiply and accumulate but also strong odors.

Keep the house fresh and smelling great by cleaning the dishes right away instead of spraying super strong air freshener. Invest in quality washers to make your partner feel comfortable while staying in your place.