What Should You Know About the Upcoming Apple Event(WWDC)2017?

Apple WWDC 2017

Well, Apple has never failed to amaze and surprise its patrons at the yearly Apple events by announcing the Apple gadgets which are beyond anyone’s imaginations and expectations, both in terms of technical brilliance and design sophistication. With great product launches every year, everyone eagerly waits for the next Apple event to see which new products get unveiled now.

As the Apple’s annual event date for 2017 is coming close, everyone just wants to know the plans for the new product launches and announcements.

Apple WWSC Event 2017 Has A Lot to Offer

Reportedly, the next Apple event “WWDC 2017” has been scheduled for June’ 2017. The WWDC (World-Wide Developer Conference) is an overwhelmingly software-oriented event where Apple typically announces the flagship features pertaining to the operating system updates to enable its software developer partners to update their software as per the updates made to the iOS.

In WWDC’ 2017, we can expect to hear about the macOS 10.13 and iOS 11, along with the updates to the watchOS and tvOS.

MacBook Updates

Apart from the OS updates, the Apple is expected to announce the refreshes for its well-known and highly popular notebook range. It is expected that the new versions of MacBook Pro and MacBook will be announced.

The Apple is also considering updating its most affordable notebook, the MacBook Air.

MacBook Pro, which last got updated in last October with a Touch Bar and a slimmer design, will now be refreshed with a much faster processor “Kaby Lake”. This new update for the current machines is from the Skylake processors. The look won’t be changed, and only internal updates will be made.

Though Apple has also been working on a custom-designed ARM chip which can handle the low power features in Apple’s MacBook Pro, but, as per the current reports, this chip might not be ready by June’ 2017, and thus, the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh may not include this chip update.

According to the latest rumors, it is being said that Apple may use this WWDC’ 2017 event to introduce its long-rumored 10.5 inch iPad Pro, which is expected to feature slimmer bezels for an edge-to-edge design. Apple may also announce the new Siri speaker.

All these speculations are being made by the tech industry experts and analysts, but, only Apple knows that what would actually happen in the event, and we would have to wait for the event to begin to find out which all updates are actually introduced to Apple’s exquisite line of products.