How to protect your system from the Ransomware

ransomware wannacry

“WannaCry”, the Ransomware virus which is locking up the people’s computers and asking for some money to unlock it, gleaned immense popularity in the last week. Everyone who is using a windows computer is worried, and is wondering that, is there any way they can secure their system against this virus.

The biggest fear is of losing the data. Over the last few years, almost every business has developed an online presence and have started using the electronic ways for storing data. The Ransomware virus takes the advantage of this fact and makes people pay for data which has more worth than money.

So, if you are fearing that if your computer becomes the next Ransomware target, here is what you can do to secure your system and data.

Update and Patch Your System

Still using Windows XP, or Windows Vista, because you like the way you can use your computer on these OSs, then, you must know that you can be the next target of the “WannaCry”.

The Ransomware virus attacks the systems which are not updated and have still not installed the patch developed to secure the system.The first thing that you need to do is download the “Emergency Windows Patch” as per your OS.

If you are running very old versions of Windows Computers, then, you must understand that while the Microsoft has developed WannaCrypatches for all the Microsoft OSs, but Microsoft is no longer providing the regular updates for Microsoft XP. This implies that there can be many other unpatched flaws which can compromise your system’s security.

So, install the latest Windows OS, and ensure that you keep your system updated with regular updates and patches, been sent by Microsoft from time to time.

Install a Strong Antivirus Software

Microsoft, after learning about the WannaCry virus issued an antivirus software which protects your computer from it, in March’ 2017.

So, if you want to shield your computer system from this Ransomware, it’s the right time to find the best antivirus, which is as effective as it claims to be, and install it.

Remember, WannaCry spreads through a Windows bug, and there are many other forms of the malicious software which can spread through the flaws in the other software which you have installed on your computer. So, be a little careful about updating your Adobe Flash or Oracle’s Java or other installed software, and keep your system protected through an Antivirus.

Backup Your Computer

Another strategy that can help you save your data is its backup on an offline drive. All the online drives on the network are unsafe, but, you can keep your data protected by backing it up regularly on offline drives.

If you want to take online backups, then look for reliable services like Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon Drive etc.

Beware of Security Risks

Don’t click on the suspicious attachments, or the emails sent from a random unknown user. Follow the basic security protocols, and ensure that you don’t click on the questionable links which you think aren’t secure.