Laptop Vs. Smartphone Vs. Tablet: Which is worth the Money?

laptop or smartphone or tablet pc

In the past years, particularly past two decades, there was a revolutionary change in design and availability in computing devices like Laptop, Tablet PC, and Smartphones. And, desktop personal computer, which was the pioneer of personal computing is almost out of date now a day.

However, these three options seem very much confusing when it comes to users’ point of view. When they want to buy a computing device, say, for professional or educational purposes, they are stuck with these three choices – Laptops vs. Tablet PC vs. Smartphones.

There has once been a time when the line between smartphone, tablet, and computers was very broad. Like computers weren’t meant for running applications, smartphones came with type pad and served for one single purpose – calling (and sometimes playing games or music), and people weren’t paying much attention to tablets due to high price.

But these days, the line seems to almost vanish.

Smartphones are now being released with as much as 4gb ram, tablets with capabilities of handling desktop tasks and desktops turning into portable devices.

It’s quite necessary to learn on what you should spend money on Laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Laptop means Personal Computers which are easy to carry around. They don’t need a lot of cable work and aren’t fixed at one place. Laptops are available in a variety of screen sizes, which range from 10 or 11 inches to 15 inches. A user can choose the preferred screen size with accordance to principle purpose as well as budget. Now, however, we will move on to pros and cons of laptop devices when compared to others in the list.

Pros of Laptops:

  • You can have a full-fledged computing experience despite the fact that you don’t have to go through all the hassle of wires and another thing.
  • Let it be gaming or office work, you can do anything that you could do on your desktop.
  • Not to forget that your device is portable, you can use it wherever you want.

Cons of Laptops:

  • Even with the same configuration, Laptops are more expensive than desktops.
  • Despite being referred to as ‘portable,’ these devices do carry some weight.
  • Due to high processing power, battery consumption of laptop is quite high, even in the case of the top laptop brands, you can hardly use the device for more than 6-7 hours unless you have a MacBook with you.

Tablet PC:

Firstly, they were compared with smartphones as per their low specifications. Now they are being compared with an end to end with a laptop. Laptops took in one step further when they added portability in their feature. The tablets took the whole portability thing to one step further.

Pros of Tablet PC:

  • The USP of tablets is there so it is easy to carry them around.
  • More applications being made for tablet and it is becoming the first choice of users. It has comfortable touch surface.
  • Unlike laptops, you don’t need to space to be flipped out. All you need to do is to power up your tablet and start using it depends on you on which work you are working.
  • A tablet is somewhere between a smartphone and laptop. You can use it for writing word documents, making video calls, and shooting videos.

Cons of Tablet PC:

  • Some users are not comfortable with touch screen keyboard so they are offered with Bluetooth Keyboard.
  • Tablets PC is not good for heavy games.
  • Most tablets don’t offer voice calling feature.


Now this thing which took the entire society from the storm. All new is UI, the presence of apps, operating system. Mobile phones have transformed to smartphones. The USP of smartphones is their ultra-portability. Smartphones can easily be carried in the pockets. Small tasks such as reading a document or browsing the internet can be done easily with smartphones.

Pros of Smartphones:

  • It is smaller in size and portable to carry it pockets of pants and shirts.
  • A variety of applications makes phones smarter.
  • Best gaming experience.
  • Well suited for techy lifestyle.

Cons of Smartphones:

  • Due to the small size of the device, you will be not able to read eBooks and watch movies.
  • You can’t do heavy work on your smartphones.
  • Just like Tablet PCs, Smartphones need the help of a desktop or laptop to be complete.


These were the pros and cons of Tablet PC, Laptop, and Smartphone. Now it all depends on you for which work you are looking for the devices. If you need a device for voice calling, internet access and a variety of apps, you should go for Smartphones. On the other hand, if your main intention is eBook reading, media viewing, easier access to the internet, and others that require a big screen, the best choice will be Tablet PC. Unlike both, laptops will be your cup of tea if you need high-end processing power, big screen, physical keyboard etc.