Leveraging an App to Improve Your Customer Service Offering

According to areport by ViaSource Solutions, reducing your company’s customer defection rate by just 5 percent can increase profitability by 25 to 125 percent. With a lack of customer service practically the norm these days among many businesses, customers are crying out for better service.

WhenUSA Today recently ranked the Top 20 Most Hated Companies in America, the common thread was poor customer service. While 86 percent of buyers would be willing to pay for an improved customer service experience, just 1 percent feel that businesses generally meet their expectations.

Obviously, customer service is a key factor in a successful business. One of the ways you can improve your company’s service is by leveraging a helpful app.

Engage With Your Customers Through Get Satisfaction

Having a customer support community allows customers to actively engage with the experience, and for you to engage with them, allowing you to make improvements where needed while letting the customer know that they are truly appreciated.

WithGet Satisfaction, a customer engagement platform, your customers can share problems and ask questions that your team can not only respond to, but other customers can too. It also provides tools for managing and routing customer issues, tracking customer records, generating service reports and for private communication.

Remembering Your Customers on a Personal Level By Utilizing Brainscape

By remembering the little things, like a birthday and special preferences, it will help your customers feel as if they’re treated like the individuals they are, making them much more likely to come back to you, and to tell their friends and family to do the same. Keeping track of things like where they like to go on vacation, how they like their coffee, when they’re getting married and other big moments in their lives, etc. is not going to be easy if you have more than a handful of customers.

But by using an app likeBrainscape, which allows you to create flashcards with names on the front on information on the back, it can be much more easily accomplished. While it won’t improve your memory overnight, simply entering the information can be a great way to remember those details, and it will also provide support while you’re building long-term business relationships and meeting new people.

Reward Loyal Customers

While thanking your customers is important, words don’t carry the gravity of actions. Every business is in the customer service business to some capacity, which means business owners should continually strive to show gratitude to their customers in memorable ways. You could throw an appreciation party, for example, including perhaps a barbeque, picnic, wine tasting or even live entertainment – you’re likely to be surprised to learn just how easy and inexpensive it can be. There are multipleapps for live entertainment that can make it not only fun but affordable to hire talented performers online.