4 Interesting and exciting things to do in Mumbai

Mumbai often times comes off as chaotic and overpopulated places in India. And, while that is true, it is also the fact that this place has a lot to offer to the people who visit here year around. Known as the “City of Dreams” or the “City which never sleeps”, Mumbai is the film capital of India and is known across the globe. Not just tourists, but even people from across the country visit this place to give shape to their dreams and aspirations. Some work, some don’t. Whatever the circumstance be, Mumbai always has something to offer to every single person who visits the place.

In this article, we are going to be discussing some of the best things one can do while in Mumbai. Plan and book your cheap flights from Dubai to Mumbai or from anywhere around the globe and avail the best experience of Bollywood.

Stay hooked to the architecture

One of the best things, apart from Bollywood, that Mumbai is known for is its high rise buildings and amazing colonial architecture. From the renowned Taj Mahal Palace Hotel to the gigantic Gateway of India, the architecture is intricate, well depicted and an imprint of the British influence in the country. Yet another amazing example of architecture is the Bombay High Court which stands high and mighty and provides resilience and reverence for the Indian law.

Enjoy the sunset and Bandra Fort

Yet another amazing experience to snag is to visit the Bandra Fort just before sunset. While the smog around can be a bit tricky to get aside but if your luck is on your side, the sunset in this place is an amazing view to behold. The view from the Bandra Fort is just too good to be missed out which is why you need to make some room in your itinerary for this. The fort closes right after sunset, so make sure that you have something planned for the rest of the night.

Get a taste of the local food

As much as a costly gourmet meal might feel and taste amazing, the street food around Mumbai is just as good. From vada pavs to Frankies, the possibilities are just endless for you to try out. Gorge down the chaat in the area and you will never want to leave this place, ever. When you are done savouring the taste and simplicity of the streets, try out the gastronomic influences in the big restaurants and you aren’t going to be disappointed there as well.

Visit Juhu Beach

If you are in Mumbai and you fail to visit the Juhu beach, you are missing out on a lot. From an innumerable number of small sellers and shacks to the gushing waves beating down on the shoreline, the view is spectacular for every tourist. It is quite crowded at times but that is just part of the entire experience, so snag yourself some.

Mumbai is nothing short of a dream and even the various spots around accentuate the same. From small to big events and even home to most of the renowned celebrities in the Bollywood industry, this is a place that needs to be in every person’s bucket list.