9 Best Mangastream Alternatives to Read Manga in 2021


The news came through various locations, but most manga fans noticed that MangaStream was no longer accessible.

A thread was made on the subject in the Manga subreddit but was later confirmed by Jaiminisbox, who made a post on December 18th, 2019 explaining the following.

What is mangastream?

Mangastream is a Japanese comic with a clear storyline, detailed tracks, and characters. MangaStream includes a wide range of genres, including action, business, commerce, humour, detective, historical drama, horror, suspense, romance, science fiction, and fantasy.

Unlike many other comic book databases, there is a highly selective comic selection process for translation and presentation on the Manga Stream platform.

All comic books feature comics designed to bring Japanese culture to life and show their pure artistic talent, as well as an attractive writing style. MangaStream is removing a malicious ad network.

There is no form of advertisement that your device will not risk detecting unwanted viruses through automatic downloads like other cartoon websites.

The comic series is one of the world’s leading XNUMX comics. Japanese manga is popular all over the world for its unique characters, expressions, and styles.

It also includes all genres of science fiction, action, drama, adult, romance, and more. There are many comics, but they are all published in Japanese. However, in the last few decades, we’ve been making these comics free for everyone through Manga Stream Internet.

However, the site has been idle for a long time for a variety of reasons.

The identifiers of the famous online comic sites Twitter and Facebook disappear, return a page with a new blank domain name and get the error “IP address not found”. The reaction to the news was painful in the online world.

What happened to mangastream?

There are no official reports from Mangastream or its small staff regarding the immediate closure of the Mangastream site.

However, the Reddit folks have barely dug the steps of this sudden shutdown. Earlier this year, manga author WSJ Sheishhua summoned Cloudflare in a US court and requested more information on the owner of Mangastream.

Mangastream is one of the most famous manga scan websites on the internet this week. mangastream, one of the largest XNUMX manga scan sites on the Internet, seems to have been closed.

The site has disappeared this week and the official Twitter account has been deleted. There is no official statement regarding the closure, but it can be seen that Shueisha, a Japanese publisher, attacked the site in a US court earlier this year.

I used to read on paper, but now digital is the mainstream. Doing so will make these comics more accessible and hacked.

For many years there has been an active “scanning” community. These are translations of fans shared online. The exchange can be started harmlessly by posting a copy to the message board. However, some sites are dedicated to this practice.

These platforms have attracted millions of users, but comic book publishers are not happy about that. Pirated sites have certainly helped spread this genre worldwide, but even if fans enjoy it for free, it doesn’t help creators.

Earlier this year, publishers had already asked Mangarock to change and legalize its business model, but this week another major scanning site appears to have withdrawn.

Manga Stream, which has been running for many years, is completely gone. There is no official statement on the site’s home page. Instead, you will see a generic Name resolved the error. This means that the name servers for your domain have been removed.

There is no official announcement from the site operator. However, the domain name change occurred at the same time that Mangastream’s official Twitter account was deleted. This convinces that the “disappearance” is intentional.

Recent events have hurt many manga fans. The motive for the closure is speculative, but some sources point to Shueisha, a Japanese publisher known for Weekly Shonen Jump.

Mangastream down- the site shut down all services of providing raw scans

Coupled with Jaimini’s Box stopping scanning Weekly Shonen Jump, Mangastream’s “disappearance” is likely to follow legal pressure from the company.

Whatever the reason, many users of the site are disappointed. The thread that started on Reddit received hundreds of comments, some of which caused frustration and disappointment on Twitter.

Although there is no federal lawsuit record against MangaStream in the United States oF America, Shueisha has previously partnered with other publishers in legal battles with the operators of the pirate site Hoshino Romi. The problem is ongoing.

Mangastream goes offline following legal trouble with publisher

Mangastream is a scanning site. On the Scan website, fans that translate and edit comics in multiple other languages scan comics with subtitles. Initially, artists publish comics under a copyright company.

It is said that this is the actual reason that MangaStream is going to shut down. No doubt because of it, lots of its users cannot now download the free comics online.  

Mangastream and jaiminisbox scanlation operations shut down

It is confirmed that the Mangastream operation will shut down. It is because of scanning issues of the website. But it affects the users who regularly use this site. 

9 Best mangastream alternatives to read manga online in 2021

If you like to read comics and are a regular user of Mangastream, you surely get disappointed because of the shutdown of this platform. But still, there are many other platforms that offer the same option as Mangastream.  Below is a list of some of these platforms that help in the situation when mangastream is gone.

1.  KissManga online comic book website

It is the best alternative of the Mangastream website for reading comics and has maximum user after the Mangastream. Kissmanga is a free online comic book website and the largest directory of more than 100,000 manga series.

You can read manga with high graphics and it will be updated daily in all genres. You will also receive the latest chapter notifications and a list of comics. Manage your favorite cartoons and share them with your contacts.

Users can change the viewer’s reading direction from left to right or from left to right. Categories are displayed to search for and get the manga ranking list. The best place to watch anime is Gogow anime.

You can also send comments by sending comments to Kissmanga. Excellent as a replacement for MangaStream.

2. Mangatown

Alternatives to the mangastream, Manga Town include comics from different genres. You can read all your favorite comics online without having to pay once or sign up.

It is a great website and one of my favorite comic sites. Browse our list of comics, new releases, genres, and random comics on this site.

3. Fox Manga

There are manga streams or several different genres for this. You can read all your favorite manga online without paying XNUMX times or sign up. This is one of my favorite comic reading websites.

You can search for the manga, new versions, genre, and random manga on this site.

4.  Mangareborn

Mangareborn is one of the XNUMX sites aimed at spreading unknown manga worldwide. It replaces XNUMX, a comic book streaming site with many comics in its library.

The website is clean and has a forum to discuss the need for comics and publication dates.

You can chat with other members and get unknown titles and character data. This site is relatively new and has an increasing number of users. The best sites like MangaStream.

5. MangaPark

 Through our extensive collection, manga readers can meet daily manga needs. Immediately after launch, we deliver great content with a simple design. All manga here is free like manga streams.

6. ComiXology 

ComiXology is a free cloud-based digital comic website. Compatible with iOS, Web, and Android. You can use this website to browse, buy, and read comics online.

You can customize your search settings based on your favorite genres. Download the mobile app for quick access. A great platform for comic lovers. No matter what device you have, you can read all your favorite comics in English on this website.

Due to all its features, it is considered one of the best XNUMX websites like MangaStream.

7. Panda Manga

Search Manga Panda on Google if you are looking for an alternative to the Mangastream and want to read comics for free. You can find all of the comics in different genres, including action, adventure, mystery, romance, suspense, and more.

All content available on this website is free and you can also read the original comics instead of the translated comics. However, this website is not completely hassle-free.

When you visit Manga Panda, you can find interesting ads and pop-up links.

8. Mangaeden

Mangaeden is a simple website full of fun and affordable manga comics.

Mangaeden’s internal search options allow you to limit your search results to find the most suitable comic. In addition to reading manga, you can also add manga to your site. Excellent as a replacement for MangaStream.

9. Viz Media

Viz Media is a free app for reading comics with in-app purchases. It’s free on Android and iOS devices, but you may need to purchase a subscription plan to read manga on a PC.

There is a large library of Japanese anime, stories, and manga. The XNUMX One app gives you access to the entire world of anime and manga. In addition to these, you can also search for your favorite manga using the title as a keyword.

All of these anime and manga have been translated into English. Considered an e-book reader and library app for manga series and anime lovers.


What are MangaStream issues and why this site gets shut down?

If you like to read manga and in particular the series Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, Claymore, Dgrayman and Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and you read them online or you download them to your computer and then you read them and in some notes, you noticed that it was the MangaStream seal, and you noticed how good those versions were and if you read it online how fast the pages load in the MangaStream online reader … And if you liked reading them on that site, you will no longer be able to.

This copyright is screwing many and generally the most affected are those who have difficulty accessing what they so hard protect.

The turn came to MS who is a scanlation or fansub to make us more familiar with them who, like very few or none, in addition to doing good translations and bringing us the chapters of the series mentioned above, did not save the files on their servers and encouraged readers to purchase the original versions of those mangas to support the industry and the authors.

So can I read manga for free and officially on the Internet?

Of course yes. Although their catalogues are not as extensive, there are several pages and applications authorized to distribute manga legally and for free.

Manga Plus is Shueisha’s official platform to read the latest chapters of publisher works like the aforementioned Dragon Ball Super and Boku no Hero Academia.

There are even precedents for pages that were dedicated to spreading manga illegally on the Internet and were regulated to have the authorization of various Japanese publishers.

Such is the case of Manga Rock, a portal so successful that it managed to position itself above websites like The Pirate Bay in the choice of online readers.

Is there are other alternatives to the Mangastream

Yes, there are many platforms that are a good alternative to the Mangastream and offer a free reading of comic books. 


So if you are a fan of reading comics, you need not be dependent on Mangastream, because there are still many other options that offer the same function as the Mangastream.

You can find one of the best comic reading platforms from the above list.