10 Best Free Websites for Online Watch Dubbed Anime Episodes of 2020

How have anime shows gained popularity worldwide?

The anime show is not a cartoon. There is a huge misconception. It is something beyond the cartoon with fantastic storylines and dynamic plot blended with a twist of emotion. Since the year 1917, Japan was the first country to pave the way for starting anime shows.

Now Netflix has also incorporated anime shows in their watch list. The anime websites are giving huge competition to the traditional old cartoon shows and comics.

But the mass of anime lovers is not limited to Japan. Many enthusiastic individuals love watching anime shows. In such cases, the language barrier may be a problem. For this reason, many websites are making a dubbed version of the untouched Japanese anime shows.

Whether it is science fiction or romantic comedy, the popularity of content-rich dubbed anime has touched the sky in true sense. 

These are the 10 best websites for watching english dubbed anime

Some of the best sites to free watch english dubbed anime are discussed below –

#1. Gogoanime

With good quality English subtitles, this website gives a collection of thousands of options to watch dubbed anime series free of cost. There is also a subbed version in the English language. This will take browsing experience to the next level. As a primary go-to site of anime shows, Gogo-anime has attracted a huge volume of audience.

Every month the list of viewers is increasing due to the nice user interface creating appreciable browsing experience. The titles can be browsed based on genre and season.

The “recently added” category helps the user to keep updated about the recent shows.

#2. Chia-anime

For enjoying anime free of cost, Chia-anime deserves a special mention. All the HD-video quality anime shows are available here. For navigating the options smoothly, suitable categories have been given. The categories are available all at once on the single web page.

The dedicated tab option always keeps the viewer well informed about the most loved web series. Listening to anime soundtracks and reading manga are some of the added advantages of this website.

Some popular Asian dramas are also featured on their website.

#3. Crunchyroll

A premium membership is a prerequisite to enjoy all the series. The anime website is legally accepted in most of the countries. The webpage updates after every single hour.

Thus the user can keep a track on the latest and upcoming web shows of the anime genre. Due to licensing restrictions, some shows are not liable to watch for all the users. Apart from anime, there are other shows like dramas of Asia and manga titles. The subscription fees are affordable and the annual plans are flexible.

Once the subscription plans are over, the user can renew it or go for any other plan according to suitability. All the anime shows are licensed to run in different countries.

They are enjoyed by people all around the world. These websites have made the classical cartoon shows of low graphical features backdated. More number of followers are now connecting with the anime show community.

#4. Hulu

Having some good reviews, Hulu may be considered to be a good choice for anime dubs. The websites cannot be accessed from all the countries. The high-resolution video quality is appreciable.

The site is run through American subscription and downloader. The content uploaded is genuine. The on-demand video service of Hulu helps with streaming of the Japanese anime. Since the website is based on American origin, the animes are enjoyed by a large chunk of the American population.

Recently in 2019, Hulu had decided to provide an offline version of the programs which is again an amazing feature.

#5. anime-planet

Millions of people visit the website to watch anime online free. There are thousands of streaming episodes all legally licensed. There is a great way of communicating with anime fans by a community feature. The dynamic category of anime shows has content-driven episodes. 

#6. dubbedanime

The user can enjoy the episodes on this website with very few ads. It is a very professional but simple website that mostly focuses on user’s satisfaction. There are very few pop ads, unlike other websites. Animes are uploaded regularly on the website.

The featured animes are dubbed in the English language. There is no limitation regarding several views on a particular show or episode. In other websites, the episodes are ad-free only when the account registration is done.

But there is no requirement of account registration. The user can easily observe the episodes regularly.

 #7. 9anime

One can select an anime show depending on the reviews of other people who have already watched them. High definition anime is observed on this website.

Once released, within a few hours that recorded anime show is visible on this website. People can comment on any particular show or episode to make others influence them to watch it or avoid it. But the user cannot access the offline version of the episodes.

It means no option to download. He has to see all the episodes online on the website. Absence of an offline feature becomes a disadvantage of the website.

#8. Cartooncrazy

Cartooncrazy is a dedicated video player for streaming of online shows. All the anime shows can be seen on the same page of the website. The classic cartoon shows can also be enjoyed along with the anime.

The anime will be dubbed version. Based on genre, quality content-rich anime shows can be searched. There is no requirement of opening any official account. For allowing  people to watch anime free of cost, this website has won appreciation..

It is the most popular website when it comes to buffer-free experience.

#9. Kissanime

Kissanime show can be watched online with a dubbed version in different languages. It is a dedicated ani-streaming website. The variety of genres offered by this website is huge.

Videos qualities fall under 240p at a minimum and 1080p at a maximum. Thus it is comparable with the conventional Youtube video streaming. The user-interface is mobile-friendly.

While streaming the show, ads often appear on the website. To enjoy an ad-free experience, the user needs to register an account on the official website. In this way, the ads will not interrupt the exciting or thrilling moments of the episodes.

#10. Animefreak

The term “anime freak” has gained fame due to the huge fan base of Japanese cartoons in the entire world. The episodes are available both in Japanese and English language.

So the anime enthusiasts are eager to watch the freshly uploaded anime shows on this website. In many cases, the video quality is not up to the mark. But this website claims to give high definition video features to its users.

The shows are free of cost. The viewer can select the genre according to his/her preference. The info page will guide the user which anime to choose. All the episodes are enlisted in the right-sidebar of the web page.

The video player will be shown on the selected web page. After pressing the play button, the episode will start streaming. There is no chance of buffering.


In the age of cartoon shows, the anime service has become a popular media for the entertainment of any age group. With a dedicated website on anime shows, it is now very easy to enjoy any anime based on choice and preference.

Moreover, the dubbed version allows you to see the anime of any particular country.