Movavi Video Editor Review In A Nutshell

movavi video editor

What makes the Movavi Video Editor a good choice for the beginner? Undoubtedly the ease of navigating and a lot of features! While it is true that Movavi has got a lot of different features to make your video look close to a professional one, but it’s lacking some of the upgraded features is definitely a negative point here.

Well, keeping the thought in mind that some more additional features will be available in the future versions, let’s have a look at some of the key points about this video editing software.

The Features

Don’t get misguided when we say limited features. Here limited is referred to quite a number of options but still, there is some lacking. However, to start with, it will be right to mention here that for casual users, this can be very good software for sure.

  • Version: For Windows users, the current version is 12 which is again version 4 in case of Mac. Even along with tons of features, it supports 14 languages making it easy for use worldwide.
  • Safety And Security: While there is no doubt regarding the safety of this software, there is one thing that can be a bit tricky. During the installation process, when you proceed further to run the program, by default you give the permission to send usage data to Movavi. However, the good news is that you can completely avoid this. The only thing that you need to do is pay attention when you are running the program
  • Trial Period: Well, you get to try out on a free version before you actually purchase the software. But the trial version is for a limited period of time, more specifically for 7 days
  • Importing: This is one thing that can be very easily done with the help of this software. But again there is a drawback here. This software doesn’t have any internal library, instead, once you import the files, and it directly gets added to the timeline. Anyway, even for HD videos, there is no lagging, thereby making it a great software to use
  • Video Editing: Again, in this part, with the help of the software, you can very quickly do your task. Editing is very simple and you can get the tools in the timely. However, owing to the ways the panels are separated, it seems more like an effect. But, the editing tool gives you tons of options like rotating, cropping, joining etc
  • Effects: This particular part is very impressive though with this software. The options are plenty and even you can have some more by clicking on the option “Want More?”Right from filters to transitions to effects, you can just make the video the way you have always wanted it. All you just need to do is open the effects page and drag and drop the option that you are eager to try
  • Additional Tools: Apart from the editing tools, there are some other additional tools as well that will help you to do various adjustments in term of color, image correction and stabilization, motion control etc

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are some other features such as the equalizer, noise cancellation, normalization, distortion effects etc. Also, to join avi files and make a movie easily, Movavi Video editor can be a good bet.