Parenting Guide During a Pandemic: Keeping Your Kid’s Emotional Well-Being Intact

Parenting Guide During a Pandemic

Everyone was caught off-guard with the global health pandemic occasioned by COVID-19. Because of this, a huge proportion of people resorted to getting useful tips online from reputable sites such as the Best Essay Help on related content. You had to keep safe and healthy, and therefore, following guidelines as issued by the respective governments became of the essence.

With kids out of school with the stay at home directive and the numerous health guidelines, most parents became clueless about parenting their kids in such a cloud of uncertainty. As a result, a certain level of confusion reigned.

One key thing that most parents should do during these tough times entails maintaining a low level of overall anxiety within the household and assisting your kids in boosting their emotional well-being. You cannot strive for perfection or maximum productivity, but, instead the physical and emotional wellness. 

Parenting Strategies

    • Give the day some kind of structure. Having kids spend the entire day without any clear schedule can prove disastrous and increase anxiety. A structure will create predictability, a feeling of accomplishment besides creating urgency. Just remember to do everything in moderation to ensure effectiveness. 
    • Make positive feedback a priority and avoid picking every battle with the kids. Identify and praise desirable aspects and behavior of your kids from time to time and avoid concentrating and pointing out their flaws the entire time.
    • Spend a quality time as a family. A ten-minute period with your kids can mean the world to them. Kids will feel understood, get clam, and feel supported through such an action. Pick an appropriate activity to use for bonding though the choice has to have a huge bearing on the age of our child.
    • Slow down and take a pause. You need to carry out mindful pauses at select times during the day to improve your emotional health and regain the right perspective. It can prove useful especially when things feel and become more overwhelming. 
    • Encourage your kid to cultivate or resume their hobbies. Having creative pursuits can prove vital to the development of a kid’s brain besides doing schoolwork. It can entail activities such as drawing, singing, playing violin or guitar, and painting among many more. Besides, the child will get fulfillment and improve their cognitive and emotional wellbeing.
    • Limit the use of media such as television and explain the meaning of news that broadcasts. Explain the Covid-19 news hitting headlines to get rid of confusion among kids despite the repeated advertisements. It will actually lower anxiety and stress levels within the household.
    • Assist your kid to virtually connect with friends. The pandemic has greatly limited physical interactions among kids just as with adults. For this reason, kids can grow lonely and lose touch with schoolmates or friends. Having them connect virtually will positively impact their mental health.
    • Allocate and entrust your kid with some feasible work. Kids grow and develop each day and therefore, it becomes important to entrust them with some work like folding laundry or simple household chores. It will boost their confidence in their ability and promote positive behavior. Remember to supervise them adequately as they carry out the chores.
    • It would help to work on some of the basics not only to your kids but yourself as well. Have adequate sleep, eat healthily, rest adequately, and engage in fulfilling activity. Such an approach will not only improve your physical wellbeing but your mental health as well.


  • Practice compassion for both your child and yourself. Not many parents do this as they get caught up with daily activities. As such, one can become or grow weary and unhappy. But there’s no need to suffer silently and alone. Have some compassion with yourself and those around you by acknowledging that all of you are humans.



Kids ordinarily can prove a handful, and coupled with the stresses and anxiety that accompanies the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation even gets graver. Following these guidelines will assist you in making the situation tenable for both your kids and yourself.