Happy Ramadan Mubarak Quotes, Wishes and Images 2018

Now we are going to discuss some Happy Ramadan Mubarak Quotes, Wishes and Images 2018. All Ramdan quotations are shared in English language. That means you can easily share in your Social media Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Holy month of Ramzan will start in next few days. Ramadan is considered the 9th month of Hijri calendar, it finishes 29 to 30 days depending on the lunar calendar. Fasting is one of the 5th basic principle of Islam. Ramadan is the month of prayers, fasting and charity function. In Month of Ramadan, Muslims stop to eat and drink from dawn to dusk. In Ramzan Suhoor is supper before sunrise and Iftar is meal after Sunset. Muslim households prepare different foods and share with family members and poor neighbors.

The first verses of Holy Quran were reveled in sacred month of Ramadan. Muslims also prevent negative things and bad behavior with other Muslims brothers. Foods and candies drinks are served daily basis, before sunrise and after sunset. Actually holy month of Ramadan teach to Muslims patience, self-restraint and generosity. At the end of Ramadan Eid al- Fitr is celebrated and Muslims wish each other Happy Eid Mubarak.