Things You Should Know About Your Body

In the human body, we have both enemies and friends in places that are not known. As we speak, creepy things are eating away, and the random discomfort that you experience in your body. It might show up a little bit more as compared to just an itch. There are certain things that you do not know about your body. Let us explore those things here:

  1. As you age your feet can grow:

After years of wear and tear ligaments and tendons in your feet become weak. It can lead to flattening of arches. It means that your feet will get longer and wider. It is true that it will not happen to everyone. But, it can happen to over-weight individuals. Even, it can happen to individuals with medical conditions like diabetes. In case it happens to your body, you will have to go for the next size shoes by the age of 70 or 80.

  1. Your face is the death zone:

The blood vessels in your face are close friends to the ones at the base of the brain. The meaning is that the blood vessels in your face transport the flow of blood to the brain. The infections in the T-zone of your face can get the inappropriate stuff in your blood to an inappropriate place in your head.

In case, there are popping spots in the T-Zone of your face that cause infection; there are chances that you might kill yourself. So, you should be careful about the skin infections at the T-zone of your face.

  1. What do you know about the breast milk?

By the nutritional needs of the baby, the composition of the breast milk changes. Even, it works if you are a mother feeding twin babies at the same time. Interestingly, the breast milk is capable enough to create antibodies to fight against viruses. So, doctors insist the importance of breastfeeding to new moms.

  1. Your body would have developed cancer several times:

Many times your body could have developed cancer. In some instances when a cell is about to get cancerous, it will kill itself to safeguard the other cells from getting affected. It is a fact that many people feel excited to know. But, nowadays, many people are getting cancer because they do not take adequate care of their health. When the immune system is healthy, it will fight and prevent many diseases.

  1. Have you heard about an attack of the inner ear?

If you are experiencing small lapses in your hearing now and then or when your ear starts ringing, it is an early sign that you are going to lose your hearing ability soon. It is a condition referred to as AIED, where your body’s immune system begins to attack your ear. If this state remains unnoticed for long, it can turn out to be hard to treat. In most cases, the patient loses his/her before the treatment begins with this condition.

  1. Women are worse at handling cold as against men:

If you are a man, who has taken your spouse to a destination with cold climate, you will find that she has a hard time in handling cold as compared to you. Yes, in colder climates women turn white more quickly as compared to men. The reason is that when exposed to extreme cold, the fingers in women constrict more as compared to men.

You might have seen a lizard’s tail growing back. Similarly, the human body can grow the liver. Studies show that humans can lose up to 75% of their liver and they can raise the rest back. There are many wonders that your body makes without your knowledge.