How to Donate Spells in Clash of Clans?

Clash of clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular and addictive games among the smartphone users. Recently various updates have been now introduced which has added more in the features. You can now donate spells in a clash of clans and also can go with bigger gold and elixir storage.

Clash of Clans is actually an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats which feel you like realistic while playing on it. You can now, raise an army of Barbarians, war wizards, dragons and various other mighty fighters.

This wonderful feature of Clash of Clans will offer an extra slot spell housing space for all the classes who own a level 4. Spells of Clash of Clans also enables the gamers to check the existing stuff in the Clan castle before attempting on making a donation. The best part of this amazing feature is the enhanced security it offers you to the users. Just upgrade your Clash of Clans now, and enjoy your gaming experience a step higher.

Features of Donating Spells in Clash of Clans:

  • It is the updated and advanced version of the game Clash of Clans which offers the gamers; the facility of sharing or donating their spells within the same Clan Castle. Now, just help your friends by donating spells to get a step higher with the game whenever they got struck up with the level 4 and higher ones.
  • It offers an extra slot spell housing space for the users so that the users could easily move to the higher levels of the game so that to get a shared spell to get higher with the gaming experience. For anyone housing space; gamers are allowed to make a donation of dark elixir spells and not the regular ones.
  • On every donation of the spell, the gamers are enabling to get 5XP which is not literally counted as a normal donation. It will get automatically stored in the army tab; whenever the gamers need to have the help of it; they need to shout note that the new spell besides to the regular spells as it will help you a lot during the attack and not in the automatic deployment of the troops in the Clan Castle.

  • It enables you to enjoy the enhanced secure access with the help of this wonderful app. It enables the gamers to no longer deploy the single troops by accident instead of hitting Next button which may lead to the result in trophy or troop loss.Now, just move forward with the game within a safety zone next with the help of Next button so that the gamers can really enjoy the fun of playing seamlessly without deploying troops by chance.
  • You can now easily check the existing stuff in the Clan Castle before attempting on making a donation. It also enables you to see the list of names who wanted to donate troops. It means that you can now enjoy seamless gaming with bigger clans too.The features of previewing what’s in the Clash of clans, helps you in preventing the various errors during the donation process.
  • On every time you would go for donating spell the screen will also get changed. It means that every time you go for donating a spell to your friend you will get informed and refreshed immediately with the latest update.
  • It also enables you to check the donation menu so that to keep you informed about all the stuff that you have donated till now. Just get rid of the annoying bigger clans and check the owners of the troops along with the donated troops and also the one that is left on their castle too.
  • You can only go for donating a single spell at once. If you wanted to go for donating multiple; you really needed to apply for the same procedure time and again.This wonderful feature of Clash of Clans prevent you from sudden or accidental loss of all the troops at once and hence ultimately keep you alive in the game for a longer time.
  • This wonderful feature of Clash of Clans also offers you to enjoy the experience of enjoying Dragon and Balloon a step higher.