Top 10 Tips to Market your App in 2017

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Today, there are millions of mobile applications developed by the top and popular mobile app development companies and the apps, which are designed and developed, keeping in mind to grow your business, are best in features and very helpful to pursue and strengthen your business.

As people know, App Store is a perfect place to find just the right and your favorite application for any circumstances.

Marketing your newly developed app is mandatory to make it popular in a less time and get more downloads. Apply the best launch and promotion strategy to your app to ensure the newly developed app success. Just like any website, your apps location matters and if it is targeted to UK then a UK street address is always preferable.

You need a lot of time, effort and money to develop and market your app and in order to market your app effectively; you must follow the tips given here in detail:

  1. Create a Website

You need a website for online presence of your app because people are curious to know about your app in detail. So creating an intuitive and powerful website is the best way to promote your app. After that, start sharing the information and the use of app writing article on it. Nowadays it’s easier to create a website, DIY platform like Weebly, Wix and Squarespace are responsible for that. Wix drag and drop feature is awesome to create a website within minutes.

  1. App Store Optimization

ASO is termed as the SEO of app world and optimizing it properly, your app will rank in the app store and people will find it more reliable and useful and then, the number of downloads for you app will be increased very soon. For your kind information, the major traffic of apps traffic comes through the keyword people used to search. Every App developer should know about this important tip to promote their app.

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  1. Promote on Social Media

Create social media profile on social networks like Facebook, twitter Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to promote your mobile application, it allows you to target audience specifically by interests and demographics. Facebook ads can help your app to receive more attention, install and grow.

Social media offers an opportunity to make your app popular and using social media very easy to acquire new users and the app downloads.

Also, it helps to find new customer and continuously engage with them. As a result, it works wonder for new user satisfaction and retention. The best thing is you can easily track the sales and installs of your app through analytics data accessible by you.

  1. Host a Giveaway

Giveaway campaigns are perfect for getting people talking about your app features and its services. Create a post and ask people to like your Facebook page, share it and download the app, in return they well get a chance to win prize. It helps to boost engagement and the awareness for your app in a very short time.

  1. App store Search ads

App store search ads are best to market your app directly and it appears at the top of app store search.

Reason to choose apple app store search ads is: it works awesome and therefore you should take advantage of it. The best thing is it is inexpensive and cost per tap and cost per install. Guess conversation rate of 50%.  As you know, millions of app available in the app store and large number of newly developed apps are submitted daily.

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  1. Apply for app awards

App awards are the best way to get some additional downloads and exposures. If you win and get featured for the best app award, user will review your app as a best app. Therefore, submitting your app for award will benefit you in many ways and your app will be very popular and get more downloads very soon.

  1. Create video intro for app

Creating a video intro for the newly developed app is the best way to introduce and promote among people. So, create an innovative, creative and attractive video because launching something new is not what is used to be.

Video intro for app is usually made to attract the user. So, describe the best app features and how do people benefit from downloading the app by creating a beautiful and informative video intro on it.

  1. Email marketing

Sending an email to your existing customer before and after launch of app is the best way to promote your app directly to right customer and will be more likely to download and use the app. You can send app download link or ask to scan QR code to download it directly from the mail. Always make sure the customer doesn’t hit your mail to spam folder.

  1. Ask customer feedback

To higher the ratings of app, ask customer to review your app and encourage them to give feedback. If people will give positive feedback looking your app features and the best services, will be the subject of discussion among people and get more app referrals and downloads.  And because of this your app will be very popular soon. Try to contact unhappy customers also by asking their contact details and resolve their issues as per their request. Converting unhappy customer to happy will develop a good customer relation and your app ratings positively.

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  1. Celebrity endorsement

Celebrity endorsement is the perfect way to show your app is nothing but the best because when a celebrity endorses your app, not only attracts new fans but also build trust among all the users.

Popular and well known personality and celebrity can help to make your app famous. So, if this method is followed well then it will not be bad to promote your app.

Conclusion: To promote your app successfully, make a good use of all these tips and see how you app will become popular, increase app downloads and app referrals. Recently, mobile application has gained attention and more people are heading towards it, so creating and marketing your app became the trend right now.

Hopefully the things I told you the tips to market and promote your app will be very easy.

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