Top 5 Must Have Android Apps-2019

Applications are compiled program codes written in Android studio. Applications on Android are used to complete or achieve any task. We get a package of applications when we purchase any mobile phone these apps are handy, As mentioned earlier these apps are used to achieve any task over the device Camera, music player, alarm, and even settings are all a form of application only. We use the smart phone very often to perform different tasks using numerous applications.

We usually use the Google play store to achieve all our application needs but out there are many open sources application market which can be used to download and install apps on our device. Coming back to apps, we require a series of apps that can fulfill the needs of any general smart phone users hence we are going to list Top 5 Android application that can be downloaded and installed on your device in order to boost up your user experience.

  1. Kingroot: This App acquires the #1 position for a reason. The reason behind it is that it is essential for the user to root their device since rooting grants you the user rights of the device. Rooting a device has many merits but the only demerit of rooting a device is that it can violate the warranty period terms this issue was quite regular with rooting on PC, but with Kingroot mobile app you have the facility to easily unroot your mobile without leaving any technological footprints behind. It is very simple to root a device with Kingroot since you don’t require to download any extra plug-ins or program files depending upon your model simply install the app in APK format from any open source application market. Open the app and launch it and since the application is user-friendly it will automatically navigate you to all the modules of the app. With just 4 simple steps you can enjoy the perks of a rooted smart phone with Kingroot APK.
  2. AnyBooks: This app has been launched by muses lap, It is an ideal app to Read ebooks and novels in India for free. AnyBooks has an extensive collection of e-books of many regional languages such as Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya, Urdu, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and lot more. You can maintain your own person library within the app to Read your ebooks. With AnyBooks you can cut the cost of e-book digital tabs. The application features a wide range of genre like

Fiction, History, Career, Suspense & Thriller, Religion & Spirituality, Humor, Romance, Biographies, Current Affairs, Self Help, Philosophy, Automotive, Lifestyle, Literature, Family & Relationships, Astrology & more

The application is supported by a big community of book readers.

  1. Facebook lite: We all know what role social media play in our lives. Most of us spent a large time surfing over such apps/websites. The default Facebook app was higher in functionalities as well as in size but Facebook lite is a lighter version of Facebook which covers lesser memory space on the device, it also uses fewer data, and it can work beautifully in all the network conditions. Facebook lite supports 2G internet connection so even in the poor network conditions you can stay connected with your loved ones. The features that are supported by Facebook lite searching, sharing to a Timeline, like photos, and editing your profile.

Moreover, you can Find friends and family, Post status updates, Share photos and your favorite memes, Save picture, Look up local businesses for reviews, operational hours, and the actual image.

  1. AppLock: We all care a lot about our privacy. If a person gets unauthorized access to your data unknowingly than it is considered as a breach of privacy. DoMobile lab cares a lot about user privacy. Hence they came up with this fantastic app. It can lock any application present on your device including gallery, SMS, settings games etc. It can hide pictures and videos.

The AppLock can hide pictures and videos, after that they’ll be vanished from Gallery and can only be viewed in the photo and video vault. The app also has a random keyboard and invisible pattern lock. Features of AppLock Lock apps with the password, pattern, or fingerprint lock, Well-organized Themes, Incognito browser, You can Hide AppLock icon and it also has Power saving mode.

5. Tubemate: Downloading YouTube videos was never an easy task but thanks to Tubemate. With this application, you can download any video from YouTube in multiple playback formats including Mp3 which ideal to download songs from music videos. Tubemate can also be used as an internet browser. The Tubemate has an appealing UI(User interface) downloading YouTube videos or movies from the app is a really simple task.