Top 5 Things to Do in Surat

Surat ranks among the popular destination if you are looking for pretty and ethnic dresses or variety of clothing materials. Gujarat is the hub of textile industry and Surat is the second biggest city in the state. However, Gujarat is much more than just its textile industry. It houses some of the best malls, shopping markets, tourist locations with beautiful backdrops and many other things that are surely going to keep you busy during your stay in the city of Surat.

Let’s take a look at the 5 things you can do when in Surat.

1-Splash the water at water parks

Surat attracts a lot of textile merchants from all over the country along with their friends and family seeking various options to spend their holidays in the city. If you are visiting this city during the summers, make sure you take a trip to the water parks in Surat and shoo away that heat with the fun rides available at the popular places in the city. Some of the renowned water parks include names such as Amaazia Water Park, Water Fun Park, Aquacity Water Park, Neverland Water Park, Blues Adventures, and many others.

2-Hunt through affordable and cheap shopping options

Surat is the hub for shopping when it comes to hunting some of the most authentic and colorful clothes from our Indian tradition. Not just that, Surat also houses beautiful and massive shopping malls that bring in international and national brands together in the same platform. Some of the best markets in Surat include names such as Sahara Darwaja, Ghod Dod Road, Shanivari Market, Old Bombay Market, Surat Thani Night Market, Chauta Bazaar, Baroda Prestige, etc.

3-Explore the Dumas Beach

The Dumas Beach is beautiful picnic spot for the tourists which is located at a distance of 21 kilometers from Surat. Apart from being a mesmerizing beach, it is also known for being haunted which brings in the interest of various paranormal investigators to this place. This exotic beach has some of the most scenic views taking you deep into the beauty of Arabian Sea while the local hawkers serve you the traditional Gujarati snacks.

4-View the history behind Surat Castle

The Surat Castle once served as the defensive fort for the city which was built under the reign of Khudawand Khan. This monument from 16th century is a prominent landmark in Surat that highlights the best practices for construction of a strong defensive system with sheer architectural brilliance.The fort has been strengthened by using the iron strips along with melted lead.

5-Look at the European relics from Dutch Gardens

Admire the European heirlooms that can be found in the Dutch Gardens which represent an epitome of cultural experience. This particular garden in the city has been designed to bring together ancient mausoleums, mesmerizing art galleries, and massive domes that accurately represent the beauty of the 17th century. Dutch Gardens operate as the part of Dutch Cemetery where famous figures such as Baron Adrian Van Reede was buried after his death in 1691.