Top Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Rooting is a splendid task for Android devices. With rooting, the user gets access to all the root files for free. There are so many apps that work well with rooted devices. With rooting, the apps and the device can run in a phenomenal manner. Thus, here are the top apps that work on rooted devices.

  • Lucky Patcher –It is the best patching, tweaking and cracking app for Android devices.LuckyPatcher is absolutely free to download and works really well on rooted devices. It does not come with bloatwares or bugs. You can tweak your Android devices very easily with this utility app. It is free to use and comes without any viruses. For those of you who love to play mobile games,Lucky Patcher is a great tool. This app is handy for all kinds of simple tweaking options. If you want credit points in apps and games, Lucky Patcher is the tool that you need to perform so many tweaks and patches for free. Download it online today from
  • Trickster Mod –This is certainly the best overclocking tool for Android. It works only on rooted devices and it is also free from bloatwares. There are also no ads in this app that is a huge plus one. Anyway, overclocking is the process of increasing the CPU clock frequency in order to obtain a bump in performance. This comes in handy for those people who either watch 4K content or play a lot of games. With Trickster Mod, you can overclock your device very easily. With overclocking, your device will show signs of speeding up. There will be less lags and sometimes, more heating. Anyway, download Trickster Mod today if you want to easily overclock your device. 
  • RAM Booster –Memory management is a mammoth task in Android. There are so many system processes that keep running just to provide a stable system performance. Many times, a lot of these processes are not even required, yet they occupy a lot of memory. To get rid of all these background processes, RAM Booster can be used. RAM Booster optimizes the device and gets rid of unnecessary background apps. With the disablingof these apps, you will get uninterrupted performance. Thus, all of the system compute performance gets increased with RAM Booster. Thus, if you are into gaming then this app will surely help. Download RAM Booster to tweak up your RAM performance for free.
  • DiskDigger Pro –DiskDigger Pro is one such app that digs up the storage space and recovers 99.99% of the files. First of all, it is absolutely free to use and comes without viruses or bugs. Since it requires root access in order to recover files, you can expect it to do its job pretty nicely. People love it and rooted Android users use this app a lot. There are around 100 million active users of DiskDigger Pro. This app has proven its worth on Windows and Linux and now, Android users too can lay their hands on it.DiskDigger Pro is a simple to use app that works nicely on rooted Android smartphones and tablets. Download it today and recover apps, games, files and photos for free. 
  • Viper4Android –This app has a lot of audio effects and transitions for Android devices. Viper4Android is regarded as the best voice enhancer app. Audiophiles will rejoice with this app. It is a music lover’s paradise thatprovides the best audio experience to all users for free. The sound enhancing mode enhances the overall audio quality thereby adding other petty details like virtualization, clarity and bass. Thus, if you are into music andall then this is the perfect app for you all. Moreover, since there are so many audio enhancement features in this app, you will never get bored with it. Download Viper4Android today and experience a new type of Audio FX tool. This tool is loved by many and thus, download it today (for free).