Ways To Avoid Netflix Restrict To Watch Some US Region-Blocked Content

Netflix Instant happens to offer more movies than what you can watch in your entire lifetime. However, depending on the place where you live, the movie selection might be limited. The Netflix based programming varies from one section or region to another mainly because some movies and shows are licensed. Organizations, owning the rights to various movie and TV show will provide licenses by geographical rights. Therefore, it is the duty of Netflix to actually work on the rights on a territory to territory basis. Mainly, for this reason, the movies or TV shows available in the USA are not always available in other parts of the world, and vice versa.

But, with the help of the internet and its magical power, you have the liberty to trick Netflix by making it think that you are in a different section of the world. It will help you to gain access to not just hundreds, but thousands of various movies, based on some tricks. As Netflix detects your browsing area based on IP address, willing to learn more about the firm’s geo-blocking will ask you to disguise IP address, making it rather look in a different country just like you are.

VPN usability for disguising IP address:

The easiest way to work on that is by connecting to the internet through VPN or virtual private network. VPN is a computer-based network, which your PC will connect to before connecting to the broader internet. The systems are going to function as a go-between. It means any data that you send out will go through VPN first and will appear to the outsider as if it was sent from that source.

Connecting to the VPN category is quite simple. The only obstacle that you might face is finding the reliable VPN service. In case you are planning to procure Netflix’s titles in any particular country, you have to access a network or computer of that specific country. If you already got your hands on one such service, which may be a server based in the USA, the connection can prove to be rather straightforward. It is because Mac OS and Windows have built-in utilities for configuring VPN.

For some other records like VPN subscription:

In case, you fail to have access to a network or computer in your selected country, the easiest point over here is to subscribe to VPN service. There are so many VPN companies available, which are offering VPN access for a monthly subscription fee. Some of the famous ones you can work with are PureVPN and NordVPN. In these services, you have to download and then install the program, connecting you to servers.

For geoblocking and its purposes:

To work on geo-blocking purposes, it is vital to use VPN service offering a dedicated IP. It is mainly because Netflix has been quite active in blocking some of the VPN connections to their sites. Netflix works on this service by detecting some of the irregular numbers of connections from any particular IP address. In case the VPN connection uses dedicated IP, Netflix will not have any specific reason to think that you are dealing with that VPN.

Always remember that the dedicated IP address is not going to be that good for protecting anonymity as you can constantly move data through similar point. If getting around Netflix’s geo-blocking is the primary concern you have, dedicated IP might be the best option you can get hands on.

Avoid using Tor:

Even though Tor, the software, is a popular tool for getting with geoblocking, it is not always the optimal way to just get around with Netflix’s detection or any other form of streaming services. It is mainly because of Tor using various encryption layers as it works by passing data through various nodes. The frequent encrypting and decrypting means you can browse the internet on Tor, which is rather slower than usual. It is mostly true when trying to stream video.

Brower extension for masking IP:

If using VPN seems quite a difficult task for you, you might want to use any of the multiple browser extensions available nowadays, designed to conceal IP. There are so many subscription-based and even free apps, which will route traffic through a proxy server. One such example is the Proxymate, which is designed for Android, Chrome, IOS, and others. It will help you to bypass geo-blocking successfully. However, you should always remember that Netflix is well-aware of such tools and programs. They have also tracked them down in the past. One example is the Hola App.

Also remember that these apps might prove to be a bit malicious as there is some selling information about your browsing history, or even worse than that. So, if you are actually planning to use any one of these apps, you have to complete your research first. Moreover, you have to be aware of any of these apps can be rendered useless in the near future.