What is the purpose of a linear actuator?

Linear actuators are irreplaceable when it comes to construction and building. Modern projects always require at least one linear actuator because it converts energy to a straight-line motion. Why exactly do we need linear actuators? Can we substitute them  with manually-created devices?

Linear actuator is a device that is used in multiple fields, from stamping presses to food manufacturing and robotics. Especially linear actuators are popular in the field of electronic build and robotic devices.

A linear actuator works in a straight motion, but if you attach it to a rod motor, it can work in a circular motion as a wheel. In robotics, linear actuators substitute a limb of a device, creating movements. With the help of this builds, you can actually make your device walk, run or even fold legs or arms in the so-called joint. Depending on the length of the stroke in a linear actuator, you can adapt the movement of the legs, making them longer or shorter. If you attach your actuator to a motor, you can create legs if the robot dog, allowing it to jump or complete running movements. To exemplify the work of a linear actuator, watch how robots move. You can see theses motions, searching for the videos on robotics, it is really spectacular. Also, the loads and the force differences of a linear actuator allow to lift weights and to create bigger projects up to the manufacturing scale.

Where can you see a linear actuator at home?

Why do you need to buy a linear actuator and apply it to any home device? Basically, you can mechanize and move anything in your house. For example, if you are tired of mending your car while manually making your trunk go up and down, now you can simply attach a linear actuator, having chosen the stroke length and the force, you your trunk will automatically move up and down whenever you need it. Again, if we are talking about home stuff, you can automatize every door, such as a garage door. Just attach a linear actuator to a door and choose how fast or slow you want to move it upwards or downwards. The door now will open and close when you press the controller and you don’t need to buy and actual automatic door, it is much cheaper to do everything yourself, buying an actuator and attaching it at home. The same goes with a pantry door. If you want everything in your house to move automatically, you can simply build in your linear actuator and it will move a pantry door, opening or closing it. Mind you that the bigger the load you have, the more time an actuator needs to complete the task. If you need to lift something relatively lighter, then the actuator will move it or lift it pretty fast. You can also adjust the speed of a linear actuator, or purchase the right one on the Internet. If you need to move bigger loads, it is better to choose more powerful actuators which will perform the task at a very good speed, or leave it as it is, using a mediocre actuator that will lift the load slower. Anyway, you can choose all the characteristics at a professional store on the official site.