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5 Keys to Effective Food Packaging Design

In the food industry, food packaging serves a number of important purposes.

Food packaging protects the food from outside contamination, markets the product, ensures that the meal arrives at the right temperature, prolongs its shelf life, facilitates long-distance transportation and more importantly, serves as a brand ambassador for the restaurant business.

Because of these reasons food packaging is as important as the contents themselves.

So, how can you improve your own food packaging design to stand out from your competitors? Here are 5 keys to effective food packaging design.

The right packaging material

When it comes to the packaging material, the right material has a great effect on the end result. So, you need to first analyze your food delivery need and the distance your food would need to travel.  

Depending on this, you need to consider the right packaging material to retain the food quality. As there is an increasing demand for sustainable and biodegradable food packaging, choose a food package that’s right for your food quality and the environment as well.

Highlight your brand’s message

Your packaging typography, colour, design elements and style should closely align with the core values of your restaurant business. The design of your food packaging is a critical component of your brand strategy.

After all, your food packaging design is the most important opportunity to communicate with your customers.

Understand your target consumer

You need to know your customer in order to pick your food packaging design.

Who is your target audience? Are you selling to adults, toddlers or teens? If your product is for kids, you can design it in attractive bright colours with cartoon characters. Millennials are pushing brands to be more socially and environmentally responsible, so you should look for more eco-conscious compostable or recyclable packaging.

If your packaging design does not align with your target audience, it is probably time for a revamp. Get your marketing team to conduct the necessary research and analyze the required target market data.

Create an eye-catching packaging design

Create an eye-catching packaging design that suits your product and at the same time stands out with its uniqueness. 

You need to have a brand strategy that speaks to your audience, appeals to them, and connects with them on an emotional level. Brand packaging designs that evoke emotions are more memorable than those that do not.

Design elements

There are various factors that need to be considered while designing an effective food package. Right from the shape of the package and easy-to-read typography to the colour palettes that interact well together and the texture of the product, you need to appeal to your niche audience and segments. Packaging should offer information about the brand and product.

Best food packaging designs can trigger strong emotions and create connections with consumers.

Effective food packaging has the capability to create a strong relationship between your customers and your business. If you are a restaurant owner, these five tips will help you plan an effective food packaging design.