7 Tips to Keep in Mind While you Select a Traveling After COVID -19

7 Tips to Keep in Mind While you Select a Traveling After COVID -19

After a 3-4 months lockdown, the government is looking to provide some freedom in this lockdown situation. People who were packed in their homes for a long time are looking to go back to their normal lives with this CoronaVirus. 

As we saw, many people are looking to move back to their hometowns. People travel from one location to another location, and they have to take precautions as the corona still affects many lives. It says that precautions are better than cure, which is very true because this disease has no vaccine, and the doctors, researchers, are working hard to get it.

Everyone is asked to stay at home and follow certain instructions and precautions because this is the only way through which we can be safe and get unaffected. Here you will read some points that you should remember while traveling after COVID 19

Complete Body Checkup while traveling in Covid-19:

People who are moving or traveling have to follow certain regulations like they have to take a COVID test before traveling mandatorily. They have to go through the proper body checkup.

They have to get the temperature check on every airport, railway station or bus stands. People who are found corona positive or found their body temperature to be high, are shifted under quarantine. The travelers have to take care of the zone as the government has divided different zones like the red zone, green zone, etc.

These zones define which place is safe to travel and which are not. There are many testing centers in every city where you can get your temperature check. They have to properly use the mask and sanitizers while traveling with any medium of transport.

Getting through a proper check in a timely manner for the people who are old or those who are going through some diseases like hypertension, thyroid, or any other. 

Maintain distance and be safe:

It is another point that you should remember about travel after COVID 19. Social distancing is being followed everywhere and even while choosing the hotels or the place to stay.

You have to take care of social distancing and room services. You have to choose the hotels where you can get the proper services with all the instructions being followed.

You have to take care of things you touch, and you come in contact with; you have to use the sanitizer on a regular basis properly.

The state government has permitted them to certain hotels, and you can have the list of those hotels where you can stay. 

Choose the correct medium to travel in Covid-19: 

Recently the government has given them permission for interstate flights, and a few trains would be running to get the people to their destinations.

You have to be sure that what train or flight you are boarding. You can check the list of trains on the official website of the Indian railway and book your tickets. When traveling on the trains or flights, several social distancing practices have been followed, such as maintaining the proper distance in trains and leaving the middle seat empty while traveling on an airplane.

You can find the proper baggage sanitization places where your bags would be sanitized and can be virus-free on airports and stations. 

Maintain good food habits 

Recent research and understanding from the doctor’s suggested that the people who have a good body immunity system, the chances of getting this coronavirus reduces.

So, doctors are continuously focusing and asking people to make healthy food instead of eating fast food. While traveling out of the home, you have to rely on the food provided by the hotel because you can get the best food from them, which cannot affect the immunity of them.

If you move out and have those street foods or fast food, which may have the chances that it may contain those viruses, which can harm easily. People can also refer to some preferred restaurants where they can get healthy food. 

Have a good Backpack

While traveling after Covid-19, you have to take care of yourself. Before moving out, you have prepared a proper backpack with all the necessary items in that backpack. You have to carry at least 5-6 masks which you can use during your travel in Covid-19. You can discard the older once and use the new once in a timely manner.

You can carry sanitizer with you every time in different bottles. While visiting any place or after meeting anyone, you can use it and get yourself disinfected. You can carry all the necessary medicines like medicine for fever, sore throat, cough, and cold.

If you find any symptoms in your body, you can use these medicines, and sometimes it happens that you get some minor cough and cold, and you might think it is the corona. So you can take care of yourself. 

Places to travel after Covid-19

Basically, if it is urgent, then only you should leave your home because you don’t know who around you is infected. You can choose the places where you can find very few crowds. 

Travel after Covid-19 would not be that easy; you have to follow specific rules and regulations to keep yourself and others safe. Tourist spots are not fully open where you can travel, but you can find some places which are open and can take all the safety measures. 

Traveling alone is better 

While traveling from one place to another, it’s better to travel alone. Because the risk of getting infected with this virus can increase while you go in a group. This virus spreads rapidly by touching each other or coming in contact with the other infected person.

This virus shows symptoms after a long time, which can affect you anytime, and you might not know. If you are by any chance of traveling in a group, you have to take care of your personal stuff like water bottles, handbags, masks, or anything which can be shared.

You just have to use your things and get them sanitized in proper time so that you can be safe.  

That’s all we have for today.