Best 7 Sites to Watch Cartoons Online for Free in 2021

Do you Want to Watch Cartoons Online? Best 7 Sites to Watch

For many years, one of the audiovisual contents that have the most fans worldwide has been cartoons.

Which are within a category of animation works that refers to visual sequences made in two dimensions and are achieved by drawing, sequentially, each frame that makes them up?

Now, previously, being able to watch cartoons was as simple as turning on the conventional television and waiting for it to start broadcasting.

But, with time, this has changed and also because the leading followers of these contents have grown and do not have much time to enjoy them on TV.

Therefore, they prefer to access platforms that host such programming in their free time.

That is why many platforms allow you to watch any cartoon online, including movies and TV series.

So, that you can search and watch cartoon videos with simplicity, we want to present you with the best websites for it, both free and paid 

Why you need these websites

Most people watch television shows or movies during their free time. However, children prefer to watch cartoons as they are fascinating and fun to watch.

Even the elderly tend to watch cartoons sometimes.

Unlike the time when cartoons could only be seen on TVs, now cartoon series can be viewed whenever they want online. Some websites provide whatever caricature you want.

To see these cartoons, all you need is a device and a good internet connection. And using these sites you can watch cartoons online for free, you have to pay nothing for watching these online. 

How to watch cartoons online

Cartoons are the first love for children, and even many adults are fans of these cartoons, and still watch them and feel nostalgic, while embracing their childhood memories.

If you desire to watch cartoon series online, you have many options. While most websites offer free services, others charge.

On paid sites, you can view cartoon series with high quality. You can browse these sites in the tor browser, or use them using their app, which they offer to their customers.

What is the best platform to watch cartoons online?

First, we will emphasize the leading and best watch cartoons online sites that facilitate the viewing of cartoons and cartoons from any device.

Thus, we note that the most crucial advantage of these sites is that they are entirely free, and then we proceed to detail each of them:

If you are looking for cartoons on IOS or Android, you can find a multitude of applications where you can consume children’s series and movies.

But as we explain in our blog, you can risk being the victim of a cyber attack when you don’t know what you are downloading from. So before using these sites, make sure that they are safe to use.

This selection of the best cartoons watching apps is based on trusted providers.

Which will offer you quality content adapted to the different ages of your children? And still, as we have seen in the case of YouTube Kids, there can always be a gap in the security of the platforms.

Top 7 Sites Like Watch Cartoons Online to Stream Best Cartoons

#1. Watch Cartoon Online

Like its name, WatchCartoonOnline is a website dedicated to watching cartoons online. In addition to the free view, the site also offers other main features for enjoying online cartoons.

 1. Includes a large number of cartoons and animated films. You can look for your preferred cartoon series. You can search by title, brand, and characters.

2. You can also watch animated shows online on WatchCartoonOnline.

3. With WatchCartoonOnline, you can enjoy your favorite cartoons anytime, anywhere.

4. Unfortunately, you have to watch pop-up ads to redeem your free services.

#2. Cartooncrazy

Carton clays are very human-friendly add-ons where parents can find cartons and other child-oriented programs. Its messenger is a personal media center, and the user executes it.

You can play it on almost any device, such as an iOS device. All of the content provided by CartoonCrazy is legal.

#3. Kiss Anime

Some fans are satisfied with KissAnime. For most fans who like to watch Animated cartoon series, them KissAnime is the best option. It is said that there is no need for a separate site as it is provided for all fans.

There are a variety of animated versions available, both a revised version and an original version. This is only available after downloading the app of the site and logging into the site.

#4. Anime-planet

Anime-Planet is another unique website for people who like to watch animated movies. However, on Animé’s planet, there is a cartoon character.

The video and video are also plentiful because the animation planet displays the latest animation and cartoon episodes on the main page. I don’t miss any updates.

 The animation center listens to the animation for an excellent online cartoon video.


Refers to another free, quality website to watch cartoons of various genres, mainly war, adventure, action, and supernatural.

Among the most recognized are Best Bugs Forever, Kitbull, 2DTV, Power Players, PAW Patrol, Bob the Builder, etc. One of its best advantages is that, apart from transmitting the episodes online, it also allows them to be downloaded for free.

Among other peculiarities, supports the possibility of requesting cartoons or episodes that you want and that is not yet available on the platform. For which, you must register in it.

On the other hand, you can search your favorite cartoons from the search bar at the top to find the content more quickly.

#6. mangastream

Be careful with Mangastream, which provides a premium viewing experience. There are a few ads, but the Anime series is nicely arranged within categories. Their popular series is One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, and Naruto.

You can download whatever you want from this site whenever you find it. You can also enjoy anime streaming sites to watch anime series online, but you can also download it to your local archive.

#7. Hulu

Hulu is known for its high-quality videos and a wide range of animated movies and series and is an ideal site for finding animated content. However, it is essential to keep in mind that Hulu is not yet available worldwide.

But in the US, UK, Europe, and some parts of Asia, users can use this to view cartoon series. If not, you can still use your VPN service to get Hulu.

If you want high-quality videos and a wide range of animated movies and series, try Hulu. There are no access problems in the United States.

Elsewhere, you may need to use a VPN service. Downloads are also restricted.


These were some of the best websites you can use to stream you or your child’s favorite cartoons. These are the best free cartoon streaming website sites for the year 2020.

Almost all of these websites allow their users to stream the cartoons for free.

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