What Should be Done to increase the Immunity of Your Body?

What Should be Done to increase the Immunity of Your Body?

Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system

Today more than ever because of the epidemic caused by Coronavirus it is important that our Body Immunity is good. Since this is an unknown virus for our immune system. And this is the reason that leads to the aggravation of symptoms and sometimes to its lethality.

To increase the body immunity and keep our body always strong and ready to fight any viruses or bacteria must be our priority, especially in winter and in periods of circulation of little known viruses. We must take care of our bodies because health determines our quality of life.

Immune defenses may disappear at certain times of the year, for example during season changes, or they may be weakened by factors such as stress and poor rest, improper nutrition, certain pathologies, excessive use of medicines such as antibiotics. If the defenses are lowered, our body is inevitably more exposed to viruses, fungi, bacteria.

But let’s go step by step, let’s see what are these wonderful immune defenses that our organ puts into play to defend the whole organism and try to find the right natural remedies to increase immune defenses at all ages.

Immune defenses 

The system that cares about immune defenses is called the immune system and is essential for our body to be protected from harmful foreign substances, called antigens, or microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses.

The immune system is made up of cells and organs that together form a real weapon of defense against infections. The most important immune cells are lymphocytes divided into B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes.

The defense system 

The immune system is made up of a number of tissues and organs such as the skin, spleen, tonsils, bone marrow, thymus, and lymph nodes. The gastric juices, which represent a very important first form of defense, providing a sort of a protective shield from invading pathogens. The tonsils, adenoids, and appendixes are also part of the system.

How the immune system is works 

Its ability is to recognize between substances that are not harmful and those that are harmful to the body and therefore must be eliminated. As soon as the system detects a foreign body, it behaves by exercising:

An innate immunity, that is, the first line of defense against external aggressions which, however, does not work with all antigens;

A specific or acquired immunity, which allows a more powerful and targeted defensive response to a particular antigen and which works by producing antibodies. To produce them, the body must first know the antigen with which it came into contact.

If the virus is not yet known to our body, the production of antibodies will be slower and more difficult.

Immunodepression: what it is and what causes it 

A person is called an immunosuppressed person when the immune system is weakened and has a low immune defense. 

Who are the immunosuppressed 

Immunodeficiency is usually a hereditary condition or caused by serious pathologies. We can then say that the risk of immunosuppression is more common among those who:

  • those over 65 because they produce fewer white blood cells
  • under chemotherapy because of a tumor 
  • they don’t take the right amount of protein
  • they do not rest adequately

How should you increase your body immunity?

Strengthening the immune defenses is possible first of all by changing one’s lifestyle if this is not regular. The practical tips to improve your defenses are as follows:

1.) Daily morning drink hot water:  If you take hot water daily in the morning then it will increase your immune system. It also increases your body strength against viruses. 

2.) Every night drink Kadha: Kadha is one of the best Indian recipes for the immune system and helps to grow Body Immunity. It is one of the best drinks which is recommended by the elders for good health. 

3.) Sleep: a good and at least 7 hrs sleep is key to good health. If you go to sleep on time and wake up in the early morning, then your immune system will be strong by default.

Late-night sleep and waking late in the morning is the cause of many diseases. Rest well and for at least 7- 8 hours per night as an adult and from 10 hours upwards children

4.) Ignore fast food: fast food is one source of disease in our body and it weekends our immune system. So avoid fast and oily food to have good health. Do not exceed in the use of alcoholic substances

5.) Use vitamin c food and healthy food: Vitamin C helps you to keep healthy. So add proper vitamin c and healthy food in your diet. It helps you to have a good immune system and keep you away from disease. 

6.) Daily Exercise : keep body weight and blood pressure under control by doing regular exercise. Do regular physical activity and in line with your age

7.) No worries on the brain: Keep your mind relaxed and tension free and have a healthy life all time.

The need to strengthen your defense system can be useful in some moments more than in others.

There are in fact periods of the year such as spring or season changes in general when the body needs it most and there are periods in which the body is most in need, after surgery in periods of high stress, in cold seasons, during menopause, after long periods of antibiotic treatment

The school-aged child is very exposed to bacteria and viruses also because they spend a lot of time in closed classrooms with other children.

To protect children from influences and bacteria, it is certainly not possible to keep them away from contact with other children, but rather their defenses must be strengthened.

The immune system becomes slower to respond and this increases the risk of getting sick and the body heals more slowly because there are fewer defense cells.

Respiratory infections, influenza, and pneumonia in particular, which are diseases that a young body easily contrasts, instead become one of the main causes of death of over 65s worldwide, probably due to the decrease in T lymphocytes that are no longer able to quell the infection.