Top 11 Apps Like Showbox for Smartphone Users to Watch HD Movies

Apps Like Showbox

Top 11 Apps Like Showbox for Smartphone users to watch HD movies.List Of Apps Like Showbox 2021.Best Application Of Apps Like Showbox 2021. Nothing beats like Showbox for watching new and popular movies on your Smartphone. Showbox is one of the ultimate platforms that offer the complete streamlining of movies anywhere with the use of internet facilities on your Smartphone, laptop as well as desktop. Millions of people have used this ultimate Showbox app for watching movies completely free. Showbox is the biggest entertaining application that offers you a wide collection of movies in HD. Showbox also showed some problems with streaming online movies due to the huge traffic on the site. Like many other apps, Showbox also has some of the common downsides that most users like to switch to the alternative. Showbox streaming is quite difficult due to the slow server. Many people have started to look for an alternative way for watching their favorite movies online. Some of the top Apps Like Showbox have been listed below which would be useful for you.

Top 11 apps like showbox for IOS & android users

#1. Moviebox:

Moviebox is quite similar to that of the Showbox. Moviebox can be easily installed on both Android and iOS. The website layout is quite similar to that of the Showbox so that you could easily use the complete aspects for watching the movies in much more extensive aspects. Moviebox could be easily installed on the Smartphone without any hassle. Moviebox works perfectly on streaming video content in the best HD quality. Of course, the Moviebox brings you lots of options to get the complete list of movie selections on your Smartphone.

#2. FreeFlix:

Freeflix is the ultimate app suitable for watching your favorite movies and TV shows online. In fact, Freeflix is a much more alternative Apps Like Showbox and millions of people have been using this app on devices like Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows. With the use of Freeflix, you could easily stream movies, TV series and more video content completely free. Freeflix mainly enabled with the wide collection of the database that shows you both the new and old movies. Freeflix is highly compatible with every device so that you could easily stream the movies free.

#3. Playbox HD:

Playbox HD is a perfect alternative app to Showbox. The Playbox HD is mainly considered as the most amazing option for those who like to make their leisure time enjoyable by watching movies and TV shows in HD. Playbox HD is available on both Android and iOS devices. Of course, it is much more useful for you to get the complete content with a larger display in a much more excellent manner. In fact, there is also no premium version available for you to get the additional features. Get the best quality of video with the feature that would definitely give you more options to easily watch your favorite movies.

#4. Megabox HD:

The Megabox HD is a good source for streaming a wide list of Movies and TV shows. Megabox HD is one of the most amazing Apps Like Showbox that would definitely give you the complete aspects for enjoying the leisure time. Megabox HD is available for Android users only and it is much more similar to that of the Showbox. Easy to use the feature of Megabox HD makes this app much more unique and suitable for everyone to enjoy a good time. Get more options to choose the video quality between 360p and 720p based on your speed and strength of internet connection.

#5. CinemaBox:

The CinemaBox is the alternative app for the Showbox that brings you more options to easily enable the complete aspects. CinemaBox is mainly enabled with the more amazing feature which would mainly allow you to easily watch your favorite movies and TV shows online. CinemaBox exceptional features let the user easily stream movies even in Offline mode. The CinemaBox also runs smoothly on devices such as Androids, iPhones as well as Chrome Cast. CinemaBox mainly offers the user the complete feature that mainly enabled with more number of options.

#6. Crackle:

The Crackle online is one of the most amazing Showbox substitute suitable for the Android Operating System. Of course, it would mainly be suitable for you to easily enjoy the complete option. According to statistics, more than 20 million users have been registered on Crackle online and have been watching the movies online from their Smartphone and Tablet. Crackle could be easily installed across a wide range of platforms like iOS, macOS, and Windows.

#7. Viewster:

Viewster is the best ShowBox substitute that offers the complete option for the user to easily watch their favorite movies and TV shows completely free online. Viewster is one of the leading Apps Like Showbox that offers the users to easily enjoy watching the most astounding Movies as well as easier to download options.

#8. Newest Movie HD:

Newest Movie HD is one of the most amazing options for Android users to easily watch their favorite movies online. Of course, it is considered the most astounding alternative to the Showbox. The Newest Movie HD is considered a rare app that offers the user to easily watch Movies as well as TV shows without any kind of subscriptions. Of course, it is much more convenient to download movies on your smartphone instantly and watch them anytime without the use of the internet offline.

#9. Stremio:

Are you looking for the most astounding movie or video streaming Apps Like Showbox? Stremio is considered as the secure Movie and Video streaming app that offers you the complete option free in a much more extensive manner. Stremio is the one-stop app that offers complete video streaming services such as Netflix, iTunes, Youtube and more.

#10. Popcorn Time:

The Popcorn Time is considered high-end versatile apps that offer complete support for your Linux, iOS and Android platforms. The app also offers the complete aspects for easily making the quick downloading option so that you could easily change the complete interface based on your preference. Choose from a variety of languages based on your preference. It also mainly supports the Smart TV to live stream videos.

#11. Hubi:

The Hubi is the most amazing Android phone that offers a number of HD movies online. Hubi allows the user to easily stream TV channels along with the easier option to download the video in a more extensive way. Hubi offers a completely free version with fewer Ads.


Above are the top Apps Like Showbox alternatives for you to easily set and watch the complete movies in HD without any Ads. Get premium features and search for your preferred categories of apps online to enjoy your leisure time.