123Movies Movie Streaming Site

A Review of 123Movies

Anybody looking for a free movie streaming website is almost sure to come across 123Movies, a website that offers free movies and TV streaming. With thousands of movies available for free streaming and download, 123 Movies is among the largest sites of its kind, and you are likely wondering if you’re able to use it legally or even safely.


Absolutely not. In reality, on March 18th the Motion Picture Association of America released a new collection of”notorious sites” that included piracy sites like the infamous Piratebay. The MPAA estimates that 123 Movies sees 98+ million visitors a month, which can be exceptionally high for a prohibited streaming site.

On the same afternoon, 123Movies printed a note with a countdown of days staying on the site. On April 3rd, that countdown was put to 5 days. This time has come and gone, and a fast search of the web will reveal that there are still half a dozen 123 Movies websites upward.

While 123 Movies put this shutdown notice on one of the sites, it doesn’t seem likely they’ll be carrying everything off.

Does this mean they will stay online? Not necessarily. If 123 Movies really is based in Vietnam, and the C44 work to initiate a crackdown against streaming websites, it’s highly likely that at least a few of those sites could finally go offline. It should also be anticipated that the the C44 will flip the logs over to authorities in the USA.

None of the 123Movies websites seem to host content, and none of them allow user uploaded articles. While 123Movies. To might point to uploaded content on different servers, their site might not be breaking the law. Why? It’s difficult to declare only linking to content as being prohibited, even if the content itself is prohibited when you had no part in it being there. That could change, but for today, it is a comparatively grey area of the law which makes it tough to prosecute the company for piracy. Instead, they would need to go to court as sharing pirated content, which might simply undergo under the spirit but not the letter of anti-piracy legislation.

How Does 123 Movies Function?

123 Movies typically embeds favorite movies and movies from cyberlockers around the web, letting them host content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, cam rips, and DVD ripped content directly from piracy websites. Because 123 Movies does not generally have to host some of the content, it has become among the largest movie streaming sites online.

The 123Movies App

With a bit of quick searching, you may observe that there are multiple web pages specializing in the 123 Movies App. If you possess an Android apparatus, particularly a Roku or a Android tabletcomputer, it might be tempting to try to download the app to find out if you’re able to stream videos directly to your tablet computer or television.

With the proliferation of imitation apps and Android malware, it is crucial that you exercise caution, study programs you download, and just download legitimate programs.

After downloading and reviewing the 123 Movie Program APK, we concluded that you are better off skipping the download. Even in the event that you don’t mind the fact that the movies and media on the site are mostly illegal, you’re better off just visiting your browser. The app links to the mobile website, meaning that it is exactly the same experience as using a mobile browser.

In addition, there are many fake downloads, many of which are viruses. Since it may infect your phone, downloading the program is a danger. Not all versions are legit, and you may be installing ransomware or a different form of Android Malware onto your cell phone. Skip it!

Viruses and Malware

123Movies has sometimes been proven to host malware and viruses, typically through javascript. If you see the site, be certain this to protect your computer with a firewall and great anti-virus applications. Visit SecuriCheck.com for an upgrade of the last-known status of diseases on the site.

What’s the Verdict?

Websites like 123Movies are almost never legit, and many of them are not safe to use. While you can choose to stream movies on these, it is necessary to keep in mind that it is almost definitely piracy. Typically, any site that provides free streaming is piracy unless the movies are old enough that they are from the public domain. A quick inform on any site is that when it features cam collapses, the website is illegal.

If you would like to stream movies at no cost, consider registering for legit movie streaming sites like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu for the 30 day free trial, and then discontinuing your subscription after the trial period is up. Most legitimate streaming sites start out at $9.99 per month as well, which can be quite cost effective, even if your budget is reduced.

The MPAA probably is not doing anything new. Rather, they have released a new version of a document that’s been online for some time, calling attention to new sites which could be debatable. On the other hand, the list itself is problematic, as it draws attention to legitimate sites like Cloudflare, which are frequently used to provide anonymity to sites hosting pirated content.

Eventually, many websites like 123 Movies will go offline. However, it does appear that 123 Movies is remaining online for now and that they aren’t deleting their entire network of streaming sites. If this changes, we’ll update here.

You can preempt the change by changing to a free and legit movie streaming site. But no free or premium legal streaming website will provide new releases.