Forget the Old One, Here is The top 5 sites like couchtuner

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Who doesn’t love streaming movies and Tv shows, because of Netflix, we become addicted to all the shows. But there are much live streaming platforms which have hefty charges to watch those series. But then again, we have sites like couchtuner & Putlocker. But unfortunately, couch tuner has been blocked. Worry not we have lost others sites like couchtuner which serves the same purpose.

What was the Couchtuner?

Couchtuner was free to live streaming website like 123movies,, which has gained popularity in short time because of its wide range of movies and Tv series. We have to pay for the TV or the app to watch those movies, in couchtuner, we just need to open their site, select the movie and watch it online.

Unfortunately, free things don’t last too long. They have blocked the site because they are breaching the code of sharing. TV series and movies producers don’t like when someone shares their property for free. So that is why you need something similar sites like couchtuner & Putlocker.

Top 5 sites like couchtuner

  1. SolarMovie

When you want to see latest movies which are still in the theater, you go to the solarmovie and they won’t disappoint you. it’s one or in another way just the same way as sites like couchtuner but its still available.

When we try to watch one of the most loved and blockbuster movies, which is still in the theater, it started playing in a matter of minutes. Yes, there is some problem with ads, but we can understand that because that’s is how they get paid.

Only 30 seconds of wait and you can play any movie you want. They have one of the biggest databases of TV series too. With updated episode, so if you missed one then you can watch it next day here. It’s not couchtuner, but we get what is available. So visit their website and watch new movies uninterrupted.




  1. Movie4U

If your primary goal is just to watch a movie like you have watched on sites like couchtuner than you are landed in the right place. Movies4U is a place where they serve latest and hottest new movies. Of course for free.

On their main page, you would find their top picks and then latest one. If you don’t want to watch them, then you can go to the category and look for any movie genres. They have every single movie you love to watch.

One thing I love about it would be their separate page for, featured movie, latest movie and coming soon. If you don’t know what to watch, you can go to the featured movie, which is one of the best picks. You can watch new movies or wait for them in coming soon. As we mentioned before, these sites run on the ad because that’s how they get paid. So you will get some ads and pop up, other than that, this website is perfect.



  1. Alluc

So you are still searching for sites like couchtuner, but why find one site and then get used to it and few day later found them blocked. It’s better to find one site which referred you to another where you can find your favorite film. That’s what Alluc does.

They don’t stream, they give you the link and you need to follow the link to find the film in HD quality. Most of the time when we watch movie online, we end up watching Cam version of that movie, then we find another website and learn that both have the same quality.

But with Alluc, they make sure you get the best movie watching experience. So they find the best link and give it to you so you can watch it by yourself. One of the reasons I don’t like them is a limited number of a TV show. They have only 4 tv shows. Other reason would be when they redirect us to other sites, those sites require a login. Other than that, these sites run smoothly and useful.



  1. CMoviesHD

One of the prominent looking streaming service which offers HD movies. There are not many sites like couchtuner left in the market, thank god for this channel as now you can watch them online.

They have one of the most loved Tv series like flash and one of the brilliant TV series like a man in the high castle too. When you look at the wide range they are offering, you wouldn’t go anywhere else. One of the best features is, they have latest movies and those movies which are released in the USA but not yet all around.

They have a list of best movies from IMDB. As you know, IMDB has created top 250 movies of all time and you can watch most of them here. Its free and it streams HD. What else you want. Move on to the couchtuner, we have a better alternative to that. So visit their website, so you would never again have to search for couchtuner alternative.



  1. Cartoon HD

This one really caught our eyes. Its named cartoon HD, but trust us, they have more to offer than just cartoon. When we looked into their database, we found some hidden gems we never thought it could be possible to watch it. apart from this is one of the best sites like couchtuner, it has some great titles.

We have watched, friends, altered carbon, walking dead, 13 reasons why and many more. They even have old series like office and many more. One of the biggest collection of tv series and you can stream it for free as we tried it too. So visit their website and start watching movies and tv shows.



These are all working and streaming perfectly. We have tried and tested and they all passed with flying colors. So if you know any other sites like couchtuner, than do let us know.

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