Best Sites like Putlocker Alternatives to Watch All Movies in 2021

Sites like Putlocker Alternatives

One of the biggest audiences on the internet visit here daily to watch movies. It’s a fact and no matter big companies block that website, the new website would come up daily. The same thing happened with sites like putlocker. It was one of the most visited websites and they blocked it.

Putlocker was offering free streaming of movies and tv shows, they have an arrangement which nowadays every sites like putlocker used. Best of all, it was free and easy to use unlike streaming services like Netflix, which is not only paid but also requires Netflix hacks like a VPN to fully use their services.

They let you stream movies directly from other services and their server. No wonder they close it down, but there are many other websites that offer the same service and can become alternative to Putlocker easily.

Top 5 putlocker alternatives to stream HD movies 

#1. Tubi tv

It’s one of the best options to watch movies. It has also an app which you can download and simply register to watch their more than 7000 titles for free. It may be not looking sites like Putlocker but once you started watching it, you will love it.

They have some of the best titles in Hollywood like the hurt locker, mission impossible, the last stand and man on the ledge. Once you register with them, you will have a wide range to choose and watch online. They have one of the old and retro titles which you don’t find easily. Some of the Alfred Hitchcock and old classic too. So just visit their website and start watching movies.

#2. Pluto tv

when we are looking for something which is similar to putlocker or alternative to putlocker, we sites like putlocker again and again. But only one problem which we cannot solve is, constant and nagging pop-up ads, which is why to pluto tv is best for you.

they have 100s of tv channels to watch and 1000+ movies to enjoy. You can watch live tv and you can even watch it on your Amazon Fire, Laptops, iOS & Android. They have some of the best movie titles like babel and vanilla sky. You can simply download the app and start watching. Visit their website and learn more about it.

pluto tv

#3. Internet Movie Archive

If you just want to watch something rather than movies or tv shows, but don’t want to pay for it, then this place is just for you. it’s an archive for every single video which is royalty-free on the internet. It’s not the same as sites like putlocker but it’s better in a way.

They have millions of video including movies, documentaries, tv shows and more. You can search by genres like Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Drama, Documentary or simply browse through the video. They don’t have any single ad and their streaming is flawless. You might find some hidden gems in there. Visit their website and enjoy.

#4. YouTube

You might be wondering, why I suggest you watch YouTube when it’s not a sites like putlocker. We all know YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform. There are millions of videos that have been uploaded daily. If you think some of them are not movies, then you are wrong.

To my surprise, I have come across so many movies and tv series on YouTube. I have watched many movies, new movies and tv series which are streamed just a few days ago. If you search for a movie name with “full movie” at the back, you might find one.

Beware, most of the free full movies are nothing but fake ones. Once you play them, they will just suggest you visit their sites like putlocker to watch the full movie. If you can compromise on the size of the screen, there legit movies that are shown on YouTube and they can’t even get rid of them. So next time when you visit youtube, just try to find one of the movies.

watch free movies on youtube

#5. HOOQ

It’s a totally new movie and tv series streaming app which offers free streaming for free. This is not a sites like putlocker but rather an app, in which you need to register and watch it for free, but only for a month.

I have used it and watch some of the new titles in it, they have a very big collection of movies and some of the best tv series, such as friends, flash, arrow, and Supergirl. You just need to register and watch it for free. If you like it then you can subscribe to them which is as low as 89rs per month. Visit their website and start watching movies.

These are all legal and legit ways to watch movie online. It doesn’t have interruption like pop up and ads, its free, most of the time. You can access it from your phone too. But if you are still looking for sites like putlocker then we have a list for that too.

But I tried to put together a list that can be alternative to putlocker but it could possibly happen that when you open or search for those sites, they might disappear, it’s because Google doesn’t like that website.

Here is another list of sites like putlocker 2021

  • FlixBreak
  • Channel 131
  • New Movies Online
  • watch free. to
  • Megashare
  • Hulu
  • Solar movies
  • cokeandpopcorn
  • couchtuner
  • fmovies
  • 1movies

I hope this article is useful to you. if you know any of the sites like putlocker, do tell us in the comment, so that we can add it to the list.