Best 11 TekTek Alternatives to Make the Best Avatars Creation

TekTek Alternatives to Make the Best Avatars Creation

Best 11 TekTek Alternatives to Make the Best Avatars Creation.TekTek is one of the most eminent means of creating avatars.

However, it has been closed down a few years back but still holds its reputation.

It was famous as the Gaia dream avatar, and people used it for creating various avatars online.

The website was user friendly with all significant features to make an avatar. Anyone can create a fantastic design with the help of these tools.

A creative person can make various kinds of original images with the help of TekTek. A person can handle the tools with ease and used them to create anything. Hoping you have ever used the TekTek website, and you are looking for other sites like TekTek.

None of these websites is as valuable as TekTek avatar maker. Despite this, few sites will offer you enough tools to satisfy you. Despite imperfections, TekTek provided more guidance to its users than most of its competitors. Few companies were regular users of this tool, such as doll industries, making it the preferred option of most cartoon characters.

But before look for TekTek alternatives, let us first find out what happened to the original online avatar maker tools, TekTek.

What happened to avatar tools in TekTek?

However, with the shutting down of this site because of some critical issues with one of its competitors. The fundamental reason for the closedown of this website was the violation of copyright rules. Therefore, forced to turn off their entire operation.

This was shocking information for most of the users across the world. Because of the fantastic features of this website, it attracted many users in a brief period. Now the users of this website need a competent website that can alternate TekTek.

Are there any alternatives to TekTek? Yes, there are several TekTek alternatives online available for users to create avatars.

Best 11 TekTek Alternatives to Make the Best Avatars in 2021:

As I have mentioned, it is difficult to search for an exact alternative to TekTek online avatar maker. There are few alternatives available online which can offer you a similar experience. Find a few TekTek alternative websites.

#1. Gaia Avatar Maker:

Gaia avatar maker offers an impressive place for unlimited customization for the designer, along with entertaining stuff and game features. Another feature of this site is, every member may create their virtual character.

You can also dress it up with over a thousand items, clothes, accessories, pet masks, and another original article.

They offer unlimited customization of different illustration with its many tools. Gaia helps you to make your fantasy images come alive with amazing tools available here.

Gaia interactive offers the best online avatar maker service that will help to express your sense in the picture and this will attract your audience’s attention.

Why better than TekTek?

With the help of this tool, you may design your avatar. You may create a car, a house, an aquarium, or even a house.

#2. Face Your Manga:

The place of this website provides you with two choices; make your avatar or purchase one.

Regardless of your choice, you have a prime quality resolution avatar that will bring a top-quality photo.

You will find this image graceful as you endeavor to make an excellent avatar with these TekTek alternatives.

You can also define your creativity on the site while you have a go at personalizing your space with a mind-blowing design. This site allows a user to make a face only, but with the help of various tools, you may design something more attractive.

Why better than TekTek?

This tool will help to design a new portrait of any person. It can create an image in high-quality resolution.

#3. Small World:

This website is the best place where you can make all your imagination real. You can create all things possible on the site.

This is the best platform to create the painting, sculpting, and any decoration. Take benefits of its customization options, allows you countless ways to customizing avatars.

A small world is the best TekTek alternatives. The specialty of this place that it has various colours and printing methods to make your art more colourful.

This tool has many other decorative things to make your avatars more beautiful than usual.

Why better than TekTek?

Here you can create anything of your choice, and it depends on your imagination. You can create a sculpting and beautiful painting.

#4. Cartoonify:

This is a fantastic place to make a cartoon of your face with simple and easy-to-use tools.

Before making the image, select your gender to find the best cartoon of your image. After selecting your gender, choose the shape of your face, skin tone, eye, nose, and ear of your character.

Before making the cartoon of your image, you may take a trail for some other aspect.

Unlike other websites in this category, you don’t have to create an account, create a cartoon, and download with no issue.

Why better than TekTek? 

This tool helps a user to create attractive cartoon characters. You can create a cartoon for your image.

#5. Doll Divine:

Doll Divine is another most expensive Tek Tek alternative where you may put your creative imagination to use with the fantastic design tools. This platform offers all the essential designing options as per your requirement.

You can customize any design as a way of exploring your designing experience. They offer a few prominent themes you should try out our cultural clothing and amazing costumes.

With these excellent tools, one can make an illustration with graceful fancy dresses.

Why better than TekTek?

This tool is far better than other tools to make an anime or doll divine anime. You can create a princess like a Barbie doll or a witch-like Hela.

#6. Neopets:

Neopets is another platform of TekTek alternatives where you may edit an image of a cartoon. Customize the menu at this site allows you to customize Neopets or create a fresh picture as per your need.

You must have an account at this website to enhance more opportunity on this platform. After doing a simple process in a few minutes, you may use other features available on this website.

All the available are easy to use for any creator. You do not have to be a professional artist to create a design. You can create any kind of illustration within a few minutes.

Neopets is another magnificent tool you should include in your list of TekTek alternatives. After registration, you will enjoy this platform as much as you do.

Another exclusive feature of this site is that it has many other entertainment activities like shopping, free games, and shopping actions.

Why better than TekTek?

 This is the tool for a kid who has an interest to create a cartoon character.

#7. Hero Machine:

Hero machine is one of the most perfect and advances TekTek alternatives. They have powerful tools for the character’s creation on the website.

You may use this tool for professional illustration regardless of your drawing skills.

You may create cartoons, fantasy, science fiction characters, and superhero avatars. One can draw anything of his choice on the web for a comic book with the use of illustrations.

This tool has all that you need to achieve your dream. So, we know the Hero machine as the best TekTek alternatives. Therefore, try the tools and give your fantasies an actual image.

Why better than TekTek?

This tool is the best tool to create a hero builder. This tool is available in four versions with different features.


This is another online community and TekTek alternative. We dedicate the site to the customization of avatars through the resources made for this purpose. This company is the division company of TekTek.

Register yourself before the use of the support of this website. By doing a few processes, you will through with the registration.

After this sign-up process, you may access any tools at no cost.

All the tools are easy to use with no prior knowledge of pixels.

Why better than TekTek? 

This TekTek alternative is a perfect tool for gaming. The slider of this tool helps you to design a mini-game. 

#9. DoppelMe:

DoppelMe is another TekTek alternative with all essential tools for illustrator. The website pride itself as the free online avatar maker is available with all the tools.

Create any avatars in instant messenger, blog, and anywhere of your choice on the web.

You don’t require making any downloads, use active controls, no need for flash, and other tools.

You need only an excellent browser and your creativity to make the best out of these TekTek alternatives.

Why better than TekTek? 

This tool provides the facility to create a design similar to you. You may use these created designs online anywhere.  

#10. Be Funky:

And the final TekTek alternative is “Be funky”. It looks like a new site available online allows their user to drop images from Google Drive or your computer.

You can also edit your picture by using the various tools available at the site with an impressive image. For creating an impressive collage, Be funky collage is also available with your photos.

Let you do more than create the cartoon from your image with the help of unique features.

Why better than TekTek?

You can edit various kinds of images with the help of this tool. 

#11. Portrait Illustration maker:

This TekTek Alternative is also known as a self-portrait maker or cartoon avatar maker. For creating a portrait of yourself, this is the best TekTek alternative. 

Try this alternative for personal or business purposes. If a portrait of your choice is not available, do not take any stress, you can request for the character of your choice.

Why better than TekTek?

This tool is best for making a portrait of a person. Making a cartoon is also easy with this tool.

Last word on TekTek alternatives:

In the long run, we can say that there could be many TekTek alternatives. We enlisted these websites after using them by our team because they are beneficial to create illustrations.

 If you want to use a simple cartoon maker, try a portrait Illustration maker for better effect.

If you want to create a character online, and then select any avatar maker among Befunky, Recolor. Me, DoppleMe.