Can You Reinstate your Driving License Online?

reinstate your lisence online

Having a suspended or revoked driver’s license is definitely no fun. It interfered with everything from your work schedule to your social life and personal life. And, if you are a professional driver who gets a suspended or revoked driver’s license, it even heavily affects your financial state.

You can get your driver’s license suspended for a lot of reasons but, these are the six most common reasons for a driver’s license suspension;

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Lack of insurance
  • Driving above speed limits
  • Points violations

States differ in their laws but, typically, a driver above the legal age who is convicted of a DUI is eligible for a driver’s license suspension, for a specified period of time, and sometimes even additional fees and jail time. Child support suspensions also vary according to state but, most laws call for a suspension for failure to fulfil child support obligations.

The period of time that your license will be suspended for will also depend on the violation which caused the suspension in the first place.

Reinstating a driver’s license largely depends on the basis of the suspension, and the requirements vary. Most states however, stick to more or less the same procedures, and make the process cumbersome to serve as an extra deterrent to violators. But, you can fix suspended license with enough patience, following the right steps, and adequate research.

Adequate research entails finding out the circumstances surrounding your license suspension, how long it is suspended for, and whether or not you qualify for an online reinstatement.

You can usually find out your eligibly from your state’s department of transportation website.

The first thing you can do if you are eligible to reinstate your license online is pay your reinstatement fee online. For the state of Wisconsin, you can check here to find out your eligibility status. You will have to fill an online application to determine the requirements for a driver’s license reinstatement and know your eligibility to get an online reinstatement or if you will have to visit a DMV centre.

Once eligibility has been certified, you can proceed to pay the reinstatement fee via debit or credit card payment or and ACH payment. And the, you may or may not need to visit a DMV Customer Service Centre for further processing.

If you are however not eligible for an online license reinstatement, you will have to follow all the necessary steps to get a suspended license reinstated.

Understand The Details Of Your Suspension

Carefully read your suspension notice and keep the paperwork for reference purposes as you go through the reinstatement process.

  • Driving Class

Some states do not make it mandatory for violators to take defensive driving courses but, they are usually not too expensive. They do take up a lot of time to complete but, if your state mandates it, you will have to complete one.

  • Car Insurance

SR 22 car insurance simply links your car insurance to the state and it is pretty easy to file for one and add to your policy.

  • Fees

Fees are always attached with all kinds of violation, so don’t expect any less with a suspended driver’s license. Each state varies with its fees, so carefully look through your suspension notice or verify from your state’s office how much it will cost.


Reinstating your license online is possible but for some cases it may get complicated. In that case, you need to take services of an experienced traffic attorney. You can search with traffic ticket lawyers near me and find traffic ticket lawyers online to help you reinstate your licence.