Decoration and Emphasis in Interior Design of Houses – Ideas

Decoration and Emphasis in Interior Design of Houses

In their desire to take advantage of the space, the new constructions result in houses with small interiors, where the emphasis in interior design is often a challenge. We have to make the rooms functional and beautiful, but at the same time, try to create an expansion effect, quite a challenge.

Here we will give you concrete and simple examples of small houses, easy to apply in reality so that you can take interior decoration ideas for small homes.


Always use light colors, such as white or pastel colors. This will undoubtedly help create a more spacious feeling.

It would be best if you considered using cool colors. Blue and green will provide the emphasis on the interior design of more space. In contrast, red and warm yellow can do precisely the opposite, so a warm shade is not recommended as the primary color on walls and ceilings, but they can be used in accessories.

In addition to providing elegance to the home, the white color also offers the impression of space and harmony, which can be used to paint the wall. If you use it on ceilings, you will increase the perception of these.

Using contrasting colors for small rooms is pleasing to the eye and also feels spacious. For example, when white is used on walls and ceilings, and black on doors, windows, curtains, furniture, lamps, or decorative objects in black, elegance, and order are shown.

Use similar colors to unify and find the right balance to create unique spaces without overwhelming with many different colors. White and pastel colors tend to offer a better sense of space. Pale colors advance, expanding the room, while dark colors recede, shrinking it.

Accessories in interior decoration of  houses

  • Curtains

Instead of using blinds, a great choice is curtains. In addition to being decorative, they serve the function of making space appear larger. Hanging them long to the floor, and as far as possible as high as possible, will help to create a higher effect in the room, creating the feeling of spaciousness.

Hang the curtains up high, allow the fabric to fall freely, and draw the gaze upward. Pictures and other decorative walls also object at high altitude.

Take special care with prints. The overwhelming designs draw attention to themselves, and not to the room. Choose simple fabrics that filter sunlight and provide privacy, and match the rest of the furniture.

  • Rugs

A bright rug makes a room open and looks bigger. If you have dark walls, try a light shade rug.

Keep continuity on the ground. Keeping the same material on the floor of the whole house gives a sense of continuity; the eye does not jump from one room to another, but quickly wanders through space, making it appear larger.

For this reason, if you use rugs, they must be significant, they must occupy the most abundant possible floor area. We see this error in the image below. The carpet used is very nice, but it reduces space by separating the floor into two areas.

  • Mirrors

Mirrors are an old trick used to enlarge spaces. The reflection of the crystals and mirrors give a spacious feeling to the rooms when they are strategically located to reflect something beautiful.

Be creative with mirrors. Mirrors can instantly duplicate the look of a room, but there’s no reason for you to have to stick to traditional use.

Furniture in small interiors

Try not to crowd the house. An ornate space seems much more modest. Buy the furniture you need. Otherwise, you will end up creating a crowded and uncomfortable space.

  • Scale furniture

If you want to place a sofa in a small space, it would be good to opt for a moderate size or even slightly small furniture. The trick is to choose the furniture to scale with the room.

If the ceilings are low, create the illusion of vertical space using small furniture.

  • Furniture with curves

One of the tips for small spaces is to choose curvy furniture. For example, a round table, chairs with a curve, and rugs accompany the shape and ornaments with spiral shapes and dots.

  • Smart storage and order

Small spaces are one of the great themes of decoration, especially considering the current areas with little space. And of course, one way to have everything at hand is to have it in order, and that order, in addition to being attractive, will make the house seem more prominent.

These ideas are exceptional in that regard, to give a beautiful and functional look to a living room or dining room, maybe a bathroom or a bedroom.

If the bathroom does not have much space, you should think about decorating giving visual amplitude, and that is achieved, with the use of light colors, white conveys an atmosphere of more space and clarity.

But when it comes to ordering, you should take advantage of walls, ceiling, and the door to organize and order, whether through shelves, hooks, or cabinets. In this photo, the bathroom door is used to hang essential items such as towels.

The tidy appearance contributes to making space appear larger.

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In the kitchen, areas such as the area under the sink are often used to store cleaning supplies, but sometimes it isn’t easy to maintain order, and therefore we do not know what is and what is not.

Some metal bars serve together with some trays to give it a neat and decorative appearance, without a doubt a perfect way to decorate and organize in a small space.

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A work area at home is usually an excellent way to get ahead of tasks, view accounts, read, and even answer email or talk to friends virtually.

But there is not always a lot of room and to serve its purpose it must be tidy, so some wallboards and a small desk make a corner a perfect place. Cozy and functional are one in this decoration.

  • Large windows and skylights

Large glass panels open up a small space. Large windows let light in, reflecting off the walls, illuminating even the darkest room.

Focus of attention

The same criteria apply to all areas of the house, which emphasis in interior design. For example, in the photo below, the point of care is the decoration on the wall.

By capturing the attention of the eyes, the rest looks more spacious.