Different Types of Free Beat Making Software That are Available Online

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Making music is something that has given pleasure and entertained human beings for thousands of years. Tunes, beats, and rhythms are all needed to create music. Beats are repetitive sounds that are created to give background effect to the music. Timing is key when it comes to beats and in the past musical instruments used to be used to create beats for making music. In the last decade or so there are various software available online that can help the musicians get different types of beats for the music. There are many beats making free software available and following are some of the best options available for users:

Top Beat Making Software

  1. Magix Music Maker

Highly recommended software, Magix Music Maker is a great option. This free beat making software is used by professionals as well as amateurs looking to make music online. This software includes over 400 loops and sounds, 4 additional free soundpools, 8 tracks, 8 effects, and 3 software instruments. The software has guitar and bass amps which help to give an overall sound effect to the music. Creating music by using this beat player is easy and a lot of fun.

  1. MuseScore

MuseScore is available on Windows and MacOS. MuseScore has an easy to use interface. This makes it easy to use for beginners and musicians who do not know much about making music through such software. A simple computer is all that is needed to create music online and the music can be re-edited and altered anytime through this software. The music can be exported using various music file formats after creating it on MuseScore.

  1. FL Studio

One of the top free beat making software is FL Studio. This software is a great choice for creative musicians and is available for Windows and Mac users. This software allows users to create music, edit music and mix music using this software. It has a relatively easy interface and it is free online. This software offers many features like step sequencers, piano roll, keyboard, drum pad, track editors, special effects, and many musical tunes from sampled instruments.

  1. Drumflow

Drumflow is a software that offers free beat making options to create music. This software has sample files which can be used by users to create music. There are many features and inbuilt tools to create a beat along with instruments used to create music online. The music files created can then be stored on various music file formats online.

  1. LMMS

LMMS is a good option for free beat making software online. This LMMS software is available on MacOS and Windows and offers users a lot of tools and features to help them create beats and music. This software helps musicians create music, melodies, beats, and mix sounds online. This software offers special effects features, playback instruments, samples, and Plugins. There is also a lot of ready to use content available online.

  1. Musink Lite

Windows is a great platform for users and Musink Lite is available on the latest versions of the operating system. Musink Lite is a software that can help users create music by simply clicking on music sheets with the help of a mouse. Musink Lite is an easy to use software that helps musicians create music at a fast pace. It helps musicians with music rules and layouts, and this is a highly automated beat making software which makes it easier to create different beats for different types of software. This is a great beat making software for beginners.

  1. Hydrogen

This free beat making software is available across most operating systems. Windows, MacOS and Linux users can all access this type of beat making software. This software is used to edit, create, compose and mix music online. There are many features available with this music tool. MP3, WMV and all types of formats are available on this software for saving the music online. This is a relatively easy to use software that professionals as well as amateurs use.

  1. Ordrumbox

Another popular free beats software available on Linux, Windows, and MacOS is Ordrumbox. This software is available on all major operating systems on the latest versions of these operating systems. Ordrumbox is a music creating software that is pattern oriented, allows automated composition, and has different types of drum kits to help users make different types of beats. Some of the features include the automated sound assignations, soft synth, sequencers, and audio mixers. This software allows import and export of music using different types of file formats and is a great free beats software.

  1. HammerHead Rhythm Station

One of the top free beats making software available online includes HammerHead Rhythm Station as it has a cool and easy to use user interface. It has inbuilt tunes, drum patches, loops, sounds and special effects that are available on this software for users. Other features include features that help adjust the tempo, shuffle, distortion, and feedback. The features also include drum loops which are available to create different types of music beats through the software.

  1. Garageband

For Apple and iPhone users, Garageband is a popular beats making software available on most Apple platforms. This software has thousands of sound loops and also many drum tracks that are available for users to create beats and music. It offers cool features like realistic amps and special sound effects to create beautiful music. This type of software is particularly popular with electronic based music styles. Musicians from the EDM, Hip Hops and Indie Rock genres use this software as it is really in tune with this kind of music.

Nowadays making music does not need a recording studio with a wide range of bulky and expensive musical instruments. Making music online is changing the music industry all over the world. Professionals, as well as amateurs, find it easy to mix music, create music and also get beats, sound effects, and melodies to create professional sounding music through the internet. Making music through these beats making software is affordable, easy and helps musicians create music without any money or professional help