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Slogans on Independence Day


Very good morning to all of my reputed teachers, parents and beloved friends. Today we’ve gathered here to celebrate this great national event. As most of us know that Independence day is an auspicious event for each of us. India’s Independence Day is the most important day to most of the Indian taxpayers and has been cited forever in the history. It’s the day once we got freedom from the British rule after several years of hard battle by the excellent freedom fighters of India. We observe independence day every year on the 15th of August to bear in mind the very first day of freedom of India as well as recall all the sacrifices of the great leaders who have sacrificed their lives in getting freedom for India.

India got independence on 15th of August in 1947 from the British rule. After independence we got our all the fundamental rights in our Nation, our Motherland. All of us need to feel proud to be an Indian and respect our fortune that we took birth on the territory of an Independent India. History of slave India shows everything how our ancestors and forefathers had worked hard and suffered all the brutal behavior of Britishers. We cannot envision by sitting that how hard the independence was for India from the British rule. It took sacrifices of lives of many freedom fighters and many decades of battle from 1857 to 1947.

Later several great freedom fighters had fought and spent their entire life just for getting liberty. We can not forget the sacrifices of this Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose and Chandra Sekhar Azad who’d lost their lives in their own early age only for fighting for their country. How can we ignore all of the struggles of Netaji and Gandhiji? Gandhiji has been great Indian personalities who taught Indians a big lesson of non-violence. He was the one and only who lead India to get liberty with the assistance of non-violence. Ultimately caused by long years of battle came before 15th of August 1947 when India got freedom.

We are so blessed that our forefathers have given us a land of peace and happy where we could sleep whole night without fear and revel in whole day in our school or home. Our country is growing very fast in the field of technology, sports, education, finance and several other areas which were almost impossible before freedom. India is one of the nations full of atomic power. We’re going ahead by actively participating in the sport such as Olympics, Commonwealth games and Asian games. We have full rights to picked our government and enjoy largest democracy in the world. Yes, we’re free and have absolute liberty however we shouldn’t know ourselves free of duties towards our country. As being responsible citizens of the nation, we should be always prepared to handle any emergency condition within our nation.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.


An extremely warm good morning to the respected teachers and also my beloved friends gathered . Today we are gathered here to celebrate this auspicious event of the Independence day on 15th of August. We observe this day with lots of enthusiasm and joy every year since our nation got independence now in 1947 from the British rule. We are here to observe nth quantity of liberty day. It’s great and most important day for all Indians. People of India had endured cruel behaviour of Britishers for many years. Today we have freedom in almost all areas such as education, sports, transportation, business, etc just due to the decades of struggle of our forefathers. Before 1947, people weren’t so free even they were limited to have rights on their very own body and mind. They had been servant of Britishers and forced to follow all the orders of these. Today we’re free to do anything due to the fantastic Indian leaders who fought hard for many years to acquire freedom against British rule.

Independence day is celebrated all over India with much enjoyment. This afternoon is of great value to all Indian citizens since it provides us an opportunity to recall all those freedom fighters who had sacrificed their own lives only for giving us a beautiful and peaceful life. Before the liberty, people weren’t allowed to get education, eat healthy food and live ordinary life like us. We ought to be thankful to those events accountable for the freedom in India. Indians were treated more badly than slaves from the Britishers just to fulfill their orders that were unworthy.

They were famous patriots who fought hard for the freedom of India till the end of their life. We cannot imagine that dreadful moment struggled by our forefathers. Now, after many years of liberty our country is on the right track of development. Today our nation is a well recognized democratic nation all over the world. Gandhiji has been a great leader who educated us about effective way of liberty like ahimsa and sathyagraha methods. Gandhi dreamed of an independent India with all the non violence and peace.

India is our mother country and we are its citizens. We should always be prepared to store it from the bad people. It’s our responsibility to lead our nation ahead and make it a greatest state of the world.

Jai Hind.


Very very good morning to the honorable Chief Guest of the day, respected teachers, parents along with my dear friends. I wish you a very Happy Independence Day. Most of us know the reason of becoming together here in such a big audience. We all are excited celebrating this great day in such an excellent manner. We’re gathered here to celebrate nth independence day of our state. First of all we hoist our honorable national flag then give a salute to all the heroic deeds of their freedom fighters. I’m feeling so proud to be an Indian citizen. I’ve such a great chance to give a speech on the Independence Day in front of you . I’d love to say thanks to my respected class teacher she has given me an opportunity to share my views with you about the freedom of India.

We celebrate Independence day each year on the 15th of August since India got independence on the night of 14th of August at 1947. Now, following the independence, India was the largest democratic country on earth. Our country is a most famous country for the expression of unity in diversity. It face many incidents testing its secularism however Indian men and women become always ready to answer with their motto.

Due to the hard battles of our forefathers we’re currently able to enjoy the freedom and breathe new air according to our desire. Obtaining freedom from the Britishers was actually an impossible task our forefathers did with their constant efforts. We can never forget their functions and always remember them throughout the background. We cannot remember all of the deeds of all of the freedom fighters at a day, only however can give them a heartily salute. They’d forever in our thoughts and way of inspiration to us entire life.

Now is the very important day for many Indians which we observe recalling sacrifices of great Indian leaders that had given their lives for the freedom and prosperity of the country. Freedom of India was possible due to the alliance, sacrifice and participation of all the Indians. We ought to value and salute each of the Indian citizens since they’re the authentic national heroes. We ought to keep faith from the secularism rather than be separate to maintain the unity so no one can rule and break again.

We should take an oath today of being highly responsible and well-educated citizens of the tomorrow India. We must sincerely perform our responsibility and do work hard to have the aim and successfully lead this democratic state.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

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An excellent morning to the excellencies, honored teachers and my beloved colleagues. We’re assembled here to celebrate nth Freedom day. I am quite happy to speech here on this great event. I’m really grateful to my class teacher to give me such a special chance to say that my views on the independence day of the nation. At this special occasion of independence day I’d love to speech on the India’s struggle for gaining freedom from the British rule.

Long ages ago, excellent Indian leaders have been made a tryst with the fate to provide us a free and peaceful country by sacrificing their comfort of life. Today we are gathered here to celebrate independence day with no anxiety and having happy face simply because of our brave forefathers. We can’t imagine that how the moment was crucial at that moment. We’ve got nothing to provide our forefathers in return for their precious hard works and sacrifices. We can only recall them and their deeds and create a heartily salute while celebrating the national occasions. They would always be within our hearts. Following the independence India get new arrival with happy face of Indian citizens.

India acquired independence on 15th of August in 1947 from the clutches of British rule. Indian people all over the nation celebrate this national festival yearly with a great deal of joy and excitement.

A huge celebration takes place in New Delhi at Rajpath annually where national anthem is sung after the flag hoisting by prime minster. Independence day is a federal holiday however everyone celebrate this from their particular places by hosting the flags in colleges, society or offices. We ought to feel proud to be an Indian and strive our very best to save the honor of the country.

Jai Hind.


I’m feeling extremely glad to have been standing in front of you and hosting this invigorating day on the eve of Independence Day. We as Indians very well see the value of Independence Day and should be full of extreme pride to have won back our freedom from the shackles of British rule. It gives me a sense of immense joy that’s indescribable in words when I see our national flag soaring in the wind high up. I am sure that you can associate with my emotions. Obviously, Independence Day is celebrated on 15th of August every year and it’s in the year 1947 that India emerged as a free country. Since this is a day of great historical significance for several of the Indians, national holiday has been declared in India and all of us celebrate Independence Day with fantastic warmth and reveal.

This is just a short about Independence Day, but does anyone here know about the period of British Raj? Well, let me share with you that it had been between 1858 until 1947 that the Britishers colonized our Indian subcontinent. This time frame is known as the British raj period.

Now, it gets even more interesting to know how the British colonial rule started in our nation. When the East India Company arrived in India, they were stripped of the goods and property of Indian taxpayers by conspiracy and Queen Victoria making it all the land of their monarchy.

The people residing in the Indian subcontinent during this time became the subjects of the British colonial rule under Queen Victoria and other monarchs who came after her.

I am sure we all can gauge that gaining independence under such challenging situation wasn’t a simple endeavor, but demanded long and persistent efforts. Among the most prominent personalities who mostly contributed towards gaining independence was Mahatma Gandhi or that which we usually address him as Bapu. What makes him even a greater character is the fact that he achieved independence by not pursuing the path of violence or bloodshed, but during his policy of non-violence wherein he didn’t oppose the principle of Britishers through armed fighting instead he with his followers started the non-violence effort which comprised hunger strikes and civil disobedience. Their concerted efforts ultimately brought an end to the British Raj in our country. British rule was granted an official garb below the title of”British administration of India” and beneath that garb Indians had to undergo a lot of pain and trauma.

We should salute those epic spirits and pay our homage to them by remembering their courageous deeds and sacrifice for our mother land and forget that it’s because of their efforts that we stand now and breathe in an Independent India.

But the seeds of self-governance within our country were laid down much before India won its freedom. In the 19th century, several Indian councilors were appointed on different advisory roles. They had been hired for the advisory support of the British viceroys who continued to rule across the major parts of India. In the year 1892, a law called the Indian Councils Act came into being with a view to enable such councilors as well as other Indian officials. Nevertheless, they remained under the higher British authority and had to set up with the prejudices of the white guys to have the ability to reach the pinnacle of success in their jobs.

It was somewhat from the midnight between 14th August and daytime of 15th August 1947 the treaty of Indian sovereignty was signed. This is a period when George VI was judgment as the king in Britain and Clement Attlee had been their prime minister. In India Jawaharlal Nehru became the prime minister of independent India and Britain renounced his rule over India. The Britishers no longer had anything related to the Indian occasions.

Even though we do not bear witness to these times, but we could understand very well the intensity of that vital time when our country actually gained liberty. We cannot help but feel proud of it. However, the announcement of liberty came in written in the year 1929, which is much earlier. This announcement happened along with all the great freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi along with other famous figures, who hoisted the Indian Flag. It was really a big moment for all the Indians. The afternoon of declaration of Indian independence is called as Purna Swaraj. It is quite significant to understand that even though India gained independence in the year 1947, it was just in the 1950s which India’s official constitution as an independent state came into effect. The period in between has been a transition period in the form of 3 intervening years.

Just how can we Indians go off this momentous day at normalcy and not celebrate this historic day with fantastic pomp and show. Post that the national anthem has been sung. It’s then followed with a stirring address delivered by our prime minister to the people of the nation. The whole sight appears really spectacular and mesmerizing we can not help but remain in awe whilst witnessing the whole ceremony.

In the end, all that can be stated is liberty is priceless and our soldiers are so courageous that they’re continuously fighting borders so as to protect our country from any militant or terrorist group. So we shouldn’t ever neglect to value this freedom and preserve it wholeheartedly.

That is all I can say, Jai Hind!

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