UIDAI Launches MAadhaar App: Carry Your Aadhaar Card on Your Mobile.

MAdhaar App

MAadhaar app is a newly launched mobile application by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). This app will help you to carry your Aadhaar information on your smartphone. Users of the MAadhaar app will have demographic details on their smartphones.

Unique Identification Authority of India has launched the App called “MAadhaar” for smartphone users that will allow users to carry Unique Identification card in their mobile. So users do not need to carry their Aadhaar card with them everywhere to get Aadhaar based service.

A user has to download MAadhaar app on their mobile phone and will therefore not required to carry hard copies with them.


This app is only released for Android phone users. It is available on Google Play. The app will soon release for iOS Device also.

To use an MAadhaar app, your mobile number has to be registered with your official Aadhaar. The registered number will link with your MAadhaar app on your device and MAadhaar will generate.

Other features include a system of Time-based One-Time Password generation. A TOTP will automatically be generated as a temporary password and that can be used instead of the usual SMS based OTP. Users will also be able to update their profile; after which they can get an updated view of Aadhaar profile data after successful completion of an update request.

In order to share details, there is a sharing of QR code and KYC data by Aadhaar Number holder system. You can share QR code and password protected KYC data to retrieve accurate demographic information from it instead of manually entering details.

MAdhaar card QR code

Currently, UIDAI has launched Beta Version and some features will be made available post future updates.